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2014 Officer of the year Frank Sykes apologizes on behalf of the DCSO for Mike Brown shooting ?? 

December 7, 2015

Deputy Frank Sykes aka Frizzy is a poet we didnt know it! Frizzy drops some poetry, and apologizes for the Mike Brown shooting on behalf of law enforcement. We must wonder, however if Frizzy realizes that his Warden is an alleged racist, who banned black hairstyles, sent ‘get out of jail free’ cards to black communities and spoke to a white supremecist organization? Im sure Warden Hall will love the video, in which Frizzy wears his DCSO ball cap, curses ahd holds his hands up in a ‘hands up dont shoot gesture.’ im sure Frizzy will run and try to delete the video after the ‘massa’ Hall or his main house ‘negro’ Tony Wilkes calls.. but we already downloaded and saved a copy. Frank, when they punish you and ask you to take the video down.. stand your ground and tell them NO. Warden Hall will not want to upset his rich white friends in Green Hills, but you have a right to freedom of speech. Next video you should apologize to Oshla Majak, the black man who was chained to the wall in booking and beaten by Philip Shipley.. How did Hall punish Shipley? 5 day suspension and promoting him to Lieutenant shortly after.



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  1. Frank Sykes permalink

    I’m so proud, I even posted my Officer of the year picture in my Who am I video. The Dcso stands with me in my movement. We are planning on doing a march together.

    Please add my pic.

    • Fred Sanford permalink

      They always stand behind a fool……..Dummy.

  2. Troller13 permalink

    Will someone please let this guy knows he is not a cop and has zero authority.

    You have no clue what it’s like to be on the street and no clue the dangers cops face.
    You have no clue what happened in Ferguson, you were not there. Darron Wilson was cleared by a civilian grand jury. Since your’re a jail guard and probably don’t know what a grand jury is, I will explain.
    A group of 12-16 civilians listen to every aspect of a story and decide if someone should be charged. There were black people on the grand jury that listened to all the evidence, and decided Wilson was justified. But by all means tell me what really happened there since you’re an expert.
    If I was still a Dcso employee I would call you a dumbass to your face. There are plenty of good people at Dcso and I feel bad for any of them that have to work with you with that mentality.
    Don’t apologize on law enforcement’s behalf, because you are not law enforcement, jail guard. You have no clue what it’s like thinking you might get shot for doing your job today. Kill or be killed. I’m going home at the end of the night no matter what. Try to take my life I will send you to your maker, black, white, purple, whatever. My life, my coworkers life, is more important than any criminals life. I risk my life for good, honest, hard working people of all colors. You see, despite what people think, cops aren’t racist. We hate bad people of every race equally. We like all law abiding citizens of every color and nationality. If a cop is racist in 2015 he will be fired, I promise you that. Bottom line is don’t break the law, don’t resist arrest, don’t try to take a cops gun, don’t try to kill a cop.
    Use your story time on YouTube and write a poem that tells people to quit breaking the law and resisting arrest, or to Quit selling dope and robbing people.
    And one more time in case you haven’t got the hint, you’re not a cop, or law enforcement. Now go pass out the diet trays, inmates are hungry.

  3. TRANSPORTATION permalink

    Sykes is an inmate loving piece of garbage! We don’t want to work with this idiot. #deputylivesmatter #halvanmetre

  4. Tom Tom Wilks permalink

    Frank, welcome to the team! I am Uncle Tom, you can be Uncle Ruckus

  5. Frank Sykes permalink


    do you losers have nothing better to do? It must be hard being has beens losers and disgruntled employees. Daron Hall is a great man and I’m sure he appreciates my poetry, as it is just an expression of my self. You guys are a bunch of low life immature idiots. John Ford is right, this should be called ‘the people fired by Daron hall!’ Don’t be mad that i still have a great job and you losers don’t.

  6. Jon Taylor permalink


  7. TheChosen permalink

    If this moron isn’t fired like all the others who violated the social media policy I hope everyone of them sues. Where is Chelle? Where is AK? Where is Ford? Where is Kimetha buckteeth Sawyers? Maybe they’ll put Lindahumpherwayup on this investigation. Duh fuck!

    • Karla West Weikel Crocker Davis Ford permalink

      As the new communications director, I must say that we have ‘no comment.’ Actually, I have never made a comment.. I am too busy with co workers d%^s in my mouth. But hey, Linda did the same thing, so did ginger, and Donna Kline. As the new communication director, I must say that Melinda McDowell is now demoted to ‘blog watcher.’ Her husband Jim, is still in the Jnc weight room every day with Jamie Johnson bench pressing 135 And curling 20 lbs Dumbbells with huge pit stains on his shirt.

  8. LaroyCloyd permalink

    He ain’t the officer of a damn thing! Maybe what he need to do is police himself and quit this childish crap and get his ass to work.Son let me tell you this, that jail guard job has mislead you into misrepresenting yourself. Do not let that jailing job define who you are as a person. They will fire you tomorrow if you mess up.

  9. MASTER permalink


  10. William Cothron permalink

    I have a CDL job with Pepsi, make double the money and I’m happier than a pig in shit. FUCK Daron Hall, he is a jail warden. Fuck John Ford and his fake ass military career. Fuck Corley Pearson he got beat up at a sounds game, and choked out by LV Gray in the courthouse. Especially FUCK Jamie Johnson, Rick Fox looking pussy.

    • Cobra Commander aka Phillip dover permalink

      You ginger soulless godless non ambien taking fake workout hashtag lover

  11. Constable permalink

    Money isn’t everything. Both Jack and Jeanette had careers with good paying jobs. Jack was Ambassador of the year and fast tracking his way up; Jeanette was the Assistant Director of HR, she was making Chief of Security pay. I almost guarantee if either of them could go back they wouldn’t have intervened how they did. Don’t get me wrong Mike Murphy, Jeanette Porter, and Jack Byrd are all fine people and I hope they are doing well. You know what they all didn’t do in the beginning… Let the authorities handle it, I am not defending Daron Hall by any means but I am saying their fates could have been different had they wanted them to be.

    • WorldStar permalink

      You must be joking right? I was a Sergeant with 10 years with the DCSO. I made 38,500$ a year. I left and drive a tanker truck around nashville and make 65,000$ a year. If you think the DCSO is a ‘prized’ career your crazy. The amount of stress from upper management harassing you, inmates talking shit, if you touch them you lose your job, no POST certification, just a jail guard who will never make over 50K. FUCK THAT

    • Alvarado permalink

      Jeanette has the same position with a university and Jack owns his own company. Both got $$$ in a settlement and I’m sure both have less stress, not dealing with those fuck muppets in admin

  12. Billy permalink

    Why in the hell is this guy apologizing for shit he did not do? I just watched all his videos and read his comments, this guy has issued and should not be carrying a gun

  13. permalink

    Well I actually Support Frank Sykes! I think he’s just speaking out for what he believes in. Men and Women who are strong enough to stand up for what they think is right are too far and few. I am afraid though Frank may go the way of those who have stood up before him like Jack Byrd and Janet Porter.

    • Billy permalink

      Jack and Jeanette both sued the sheriff and won, so WTF u talking about

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