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Court house deputies being shuttled to work in inmate vans and buses!? 

November 20, 2015

A troubling report from the armed services division claims that Corley Pearson, Chris Hampton and Mark McClure are forcing courthouse deputies to park at ORC and be shuttled to AA Birch courthouse in INMATE VANS and BUSES! Allegedly, this has been happening daily, and often they ride in the back WITH INMATES or are locked in the handicap van. As you know, I 24 traffic is horrendous around 6-7 am and 3-4pm and officers have been stuck in these vans for up to and hour and a half! In our humble opinion, this is due to PURE LAZINESS from the ASD supervisors. Mark McClure, Chris Hampton and Corley Pearson are 3 of the fattest, laziest, wastes of a paycheck to don a DCSO uniform. We post rumor and allegations, however we can say as a FACT that these 3 guys would not ride in a inmate van/bus daily. Officers are already subjected to low wages, being understaffed, and harassment from upper management.. This is disgusting! 

More to come, including Pearson’s ‘special office visit’ 🙂


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  1. Joejoe permalink

    I see nothing wrong this and most is false

    Keeps cars off Highway

    From harding to downtown they are never stuck in traffic long. I take Murfreesboro to downtown and it takes me roughly 40 minutes unless it’s an accident so harding to downtown can’t be to long

    From Downtown to harding between 3 and 4 is not bad

    Extra bodies to help out on the bus to keep workers safe

    I say this is a positive

  2. Cobra Commander permalink

    The bitch ass courthouse officers don’t do shit! Get in the van stfu and go to work. The main guy complaining is a bitch

  3. I can't drive 55 permalink

    So are they being paid for the extra time or is this a situation like the class action suit?

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