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DCSO investigator Chelle Ray leaves gun unattended at CJC?? 

October 15, 2015

Rumor from CJC is that internal affairs investigator Michelle  ‘Chelle’ Ray allegedly visited CJC, placed her weapon in a gun box, left it unlocked, then left the building without retrieving the weapon! Allegedly, visitation was taking place, and dozens of inmate family members were in the area of the weapon, along with children. Rumor is that Ray later realized that she forgot the weapon and called Lt. Cassie Thomas to get it for her. Thomas and Sgt. Travis Bertram allegedly retrieved the weapon and secretly returned it to Ray. We are surprised Bertram found time between sending racist emails around, to do this favor for Ray. In the past few months 3 armed services deputies, all minorities, were stripped of their commission and kicked out of armed services for leaving a gun LOCKED in a secure place, but forgetting it. Anything less than Chelle Ray being sent back to work in the jail is disgusting! This woman, alhas made a career of allegedly lying on officers, fabricating evidence, and ruining good deputies lives! Of course Warden Hall has a history of ignoring the transgressions of his crony’s and sticking it to his underpaid, understaffed deputies! 



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  1. Ray Ray permalink

    These jokesters are clowns, the sheriff made nothin but a bunch of yes buddies. They cover up, lie, steal an all over pay. No where else can they get a job makin money like they do.

  2. Cobra commander permalink

    This is Philipe Dover I’m drunk and on ambien sorry I’m posting so much

  3. Cobra commander permalink

    Wider ass

    Marsha Travis
    Chelle ray

  4. Cobra commander permalink

    Bigger camel toe

    Marsha Travis
    Chelle ray

  5. Cobra commander permalink

    Elvis bayless claims Dan Weikel got a severence package when he was fired and signed a confidentiality agreement . Also claims Karla took the other job with CCS because she was about to go down too

  6. Cobra commander permalink

    Are we all gonna pretend like Harry Jines doesn’t fuck subordinates ?

  7. Ruby Jouner permalink

    Favor ain’t fair

  8. Clayton Bigsby permalink

    Don Pass also got demoted for leaving his weapon,.. Discrimination of the elderly

    • Deputy permalink

      It was tippit and Cunningham.
      They are the other two.

  9. Wake up permalink

    Nothing will happen to this fat cow! She will not be punished or reprimanded. Daron Hall, John Ford, John Taylor, Mike Raines, John Hudson, Rick Gentry are racist, selfish, ego maniacs who enjoy bending officers over and fucking them raw! Tony Wilkes is their house nigga who is a puppet and everyone else in upper management are puppets as well. You are all underpaid, understaffed an under appreciated! GTFO while you can and stop wasting precious time with this joke of an agency.

  10. ADIP permalink

    Wait until the news here’s about people black officers getting fired for leaving weapons in vehicles but not all transportation vehicles have lock boxes and are left in the cabs of vans at middle Tennessee mental Health and nothing is done about that! DCSO policy says weapons should be secured in the trunk of a vehicle and vans don’t have trunks or lock boxes but yet they only discipline certain officers! Shall I go on????

    • ADIP permalink

      Video and audio to prove!!!!!

      • ADIP permalink

        I have a recording the administrator Corly Pearson saying to use this as my defense because HR is punishing you for nothing!!!!!

  11. Trouble Winds permalink

    This is no surprise. Hall always takes care of his cronies and she is one of them. I’ve never had any dealings with her but she doesn’t appear to be very officer friendly. She’s been in her position a long time though,she should know better. They are quick to hold officers accountable but when it’s one of his henchmen/women Hall looks the other way. Plus, it is my opinion that if she was a black person he would discipline her righteously.She’ll be disciplined but not to the extent of those hard working officers who made a similar mistake. Why does she need a firearm anyway?

  12. TheRealJackByrd permalink

    You couldn’t find a more deserving person. That woman has been the tip of the spear to a many undeserving victims. Glad she’ll finally get hers!

  13. EEOC permalink

    If Chelle isn’t disciplined exactly the same as the three minority officers;the three minority officers have 300 days to go file a complaint of discrimination with the EEOC. It would be in their best interest to go together and make the complaint as a group. The Federal Gov’t. will force DCSO to either discipline Chelle equally to those three minorities or return the three Officers to their former positions and the three Officers will get paid regardless for the discrimination. The fact that the weapon was left unsecured is a much more serious offense than the three minorities which makes the discrimination much more egregious. What should we expect from a Sheriff that gives speeches to white supremacists groups. This is par for the course. There is no doubt the news will jump all over this. Those three minority Officers have some serious leverage to get some pay back.

    • EEOC permalink

      Correction this type of case would have a 180 day limit to file a complaint. If anyone knows the three minority Officer’s please pass this info on. Also when they file a complaint they would be protected under Federal retaliation law

    • Ang permalink

      I was just going to say the same thing. Those 3 officers have some major leverage and I mean major. Somebody need to get the word out to them and have them contact EEOC and the lawyers who won the lawsuit against Metro ASAP

  14. Joetheman permalink

    If the fat hog is kicking people out of transportation for leaving their gun behind then she needs to release herself from her position as well, no if ands or buts about it

  15. John bass permalink

    She should be fired!!! If nothing is done I will present lots of AUDIO and VIDEO!!! A proven crime was committed against me when my weapon was stolen. All DCSO Protocall was followed and I was issued new equipment and continued to work the next day, due to the fact I did nothing wrong. For the next couple of weeks I was harassed and threatend by Captain M. Gilbert video and audio proof! Several weeks later I was fired by none other than Byron Grizzle who claimed that Gilbert said John Ford said send him to a D-board when I did nothing wrong. I even requested IA investigate but was told you did nothing wrong go back to work. Gilbert then called and claimed that I quit to Pearson and grizzle. Grizzle stated that he excepted my termination! I stated this was not true and explained that Gilbert had been harassing me for over one year. By the way I have audio evidence of this as well. Grizzle being a HR Director has a duty to report employee harassment it’s the LAW!!! I left fired and was stop in the parking lot and told by Grizzle ” John you have been a good long time employee so I am going to let you go to a D-board keep on mind this is all after my shift and I was being made to do this with out being paid. There are log books of every one who has had acromegaly committed against them and a weapon stolen and nothing happened to them at all! I have all the proof of these logs books as well very easy to prove. Then you have the folks that leave weapons unlocked, the folks that do not report their weapons missing you know the ones that are found in pawn shops but they are higher ups and protected like Chelle and nothing is done! Question did Burtrom and the Lt do incident reports did Chelle ohhh know I bet the just tried to be hush hush! If something is not done I will unleash the greatest lawsuit and media world wind ever seen by The DCSO!! Remember I was trusted by the big guys but I didn’t trust them and documented and recorded everything for YEARS!!! Just needed the timing to be PERFECT !!! See yah soon ADIP

  16. Clark permalink

    Sorry about the typos

  17. Cassy Thomas permalink

    I love to eat carpet

  18. Ricky headly permalink

    Ak Carroll ran for sheriff in Williamson county and got 7 votes lmfaooooo

  19. Cpl. mcCoy permalink

    There have been a few guys and a girl who got kicked out of transportation for less !! This fat bitch needs to be fired she’s a fag hag!

  20. 3 crow bar permalink

    Dan Weikel is an alcoholic

  21. Dan the man permalink

    I got a severance package from Daron hall…

  22. Rat squad permalink

    Chelle ray is a fat sloppy rat bitch!!!! Her and Ak Carroll have been lying on officers for years to justify their paycheck’s! They go into every investigation with the attitude that the officer is guilty and the officer just prove their innocence!!! Fuck these rats

  23. Changing of the mind permalink

    False Reports
    TCA 39-16-502
    Class C Felony
    I suspect several will refect on this at DCSO. Also know if it is used as evidence it crosses the line for:
    TCA 39-16-503
    Tampering or Falsified Evidence
    Another Felony
    If executed but a government official
    Yep, Official Misconduct TCA 39-16-402
    Felony count 3
    If motive is define properly I am sure you
    Get TCA 8-50-116 Retaliation
    2 or more is conspiring. When they take and cover it up it become Accessories after the fact. It gets real interesting from there.
    Dont waste your time with Civil Service Process. Metro owns it. Grand Jury should be first move. Attorneys are manipulated by the legal system. The new Oct 5 2015 Term just started. If you need 1-2-3s I will send you copies of how indictments works. Testing it now. People should all know the process to promote justice. Strive for excellence in the field of corrections requires Accountability! Remember keep your evidence and a personal logbook. It will be gold when you need it.

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