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Jamie Johnson living it up, while you work?? 

October 1, 2015

  How many hours does CJC security Chief Jamie Johnson actually work in a week? This is an alleged look at Jamie’s workday: 

7-830 am AA Birch cafeteria breakfast

10-11 am Jerry Newsome weight room

12-130 Hooters at Harding Place, Downtown, Rivergate or Hermitage. 

*barber shop weekly 

Allegedly, Jamie loves to harass, nitpick, and write up coworkers.. We would assume he must do this from 2-4 after his belly is full of chicken wings? Jamie also has a reputation for allegedly turning on partner (kevin Williams) or his supervisor (Dan Weikel).. Be careful Austin Bodie.. We heard you like to shop on eBay while your at work, JAMIE IS WATCHING! 


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  1. Who Dat permalink

    Can someone tell me what Kristie Cole way out in Goodlettsville on 10-20-15 what she doin in uniform way out that way anyway. She gots the same hours as JJ. Aint she spose to be training? A trainer that aint ever been a CO, who she training in Goodlettsville wtf

  2. TroubleWinds permalink

    Useless. Serves no purpose. Never wants to rock the boat. Poor supervisor. He wants you to tow the line while he’s supervising you like crap. He is by far the worst of the DCSO. Well, maybe he is 1b to Harold.

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