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Warden Hall’s new look.. 

September 2, 2015

Top 5 reasons women change their hairstyle or look. (Source: maxim magazine) 

1. An act of desperation 

2. Low self esteem 

3. Need to reinvent oneself 

4. Don’t like who they see in the mirror 

5. To feel better about cheating on spouse. 

Personally, we would guess Warden Hall got tired of the porn stache jokes. Daron looks very old, tired and disgruntled.. After years of abusing everyone around him, without reprisal.. The PEOPLE are finally holding Daron’s feet to the fire! If things keep going south for the Warden.. Expect more changes.. We would LOL if he came out in an actual Sheriff Uniform! 



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  1. alan shonting permalink

    Not worried my friend about posting. Im an open book like I’ve told you
    615 405 ****

  2. URC permalink

    If you need a good attorney give me a shout, or if you need reporters numbers. Jack Byrd

  3. alan shonting permalink

    and just becayse I’m hospitable, Dover, if that’s who you are, you or amyone else is more than welcome to come to 4619 Old Hickory Blvd and test that coward theory. Would enjoy meeting you, you little fuck head

    • Alan, please ignore these internet trolls! It is not worth getting in trouble it wasting precious time or energy on them. If you could comment your email or phone number we will have someone contact you… We will NOT publish your info, we will delete the comment prior to it posting.

  4. alan shonting permalink

    OK, Let’s get an understanding right out of the gate. I care less what you pukes say about me, or about what I do. If you knew me, you would know all you had to do was ask me and I would tell you anything you felt you needed top know about me. Apparently, none of you have talked to anyone that knows me, or past supervisor.
    If you had known anything about my time at Correctional Services, you would had known that I never disputed I wasn’t the best person for that job promotion, Danny Newman was, but Mike Raines insisted that I put in for it. I interviewed like an idiot because I wanted to not get picked. Raines still arranged it with the panel so I did got it. I didn’t trust that bastard from the beginning.
    I new when that pervert Raines rode around all day long driving thru Nashville’s public parks with binoculars looking at women this was going to be a miserable position.
    and you fucks have enough nerve to post something about a woman I was seeing killing herself, Really… no truth, no interview just bullshit. So, let me give you some breaking news, and if you do your job you’ll call that fucking grieving dad at CCA Captain whatever that his fucking daughter killed herself because his son, her brother had been fucking her since she was 9. I had respect for that lady, she just had issues, and they were there before she met me….
    So get you head and heart right if you want to share this with me. I talked with my lawyer and it looks like Harper is going to tell a few lies Monday, so I may as well put it all out there too…. This time the Sheriff drew first blood with the wrong motherfucker…

  5. alan shonting permalink

    Hey, blog pussies. Thats the real deal in a screen name…. let’s get this straight. All who comment on here are idiots, especially whom ever is running this thing.
    I don’t think your intentions are as you say, or the Feds would have been in there years ago.
    None of you are smart enough to pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel.
    I’m going to show you how it’s done. When I worked under that fat pig Mike Raines I kept very detailed records of the very things that got Fate jail time. Names, locations, inmate oca #’s…. and when his stupid ass and I were falling out over not harrassing my Officers enough, they called me when he would call them at home and have them do something and not let me know. He was so stupid to think anyone trusted him.
    This fuck Raines is the Sheriff’s gobto guy in matters like that. And you shits are worried about pay that Metro is responsible for, really.Not sure if you twits have noticed, but I’m not seeing anyone walked out of there in handcuffs yet.
    So here is the deal. If one of you fucks have enough nerve to call me, and sit down with me to get this information, as strongly as I think you are a bunch of cowards, I’ll finish this for you. At least a few will be brought to justice

    • We just report Info that we receive.. Including the Info we were sent on you. We are sure that you are upset about it, as we would probably be too.. But the fact remains that we are transparent and report ANY rumors or gossip that come our way. We are a conglomerate of individuals, there is not one person running this blog. Trust me, we have have disagreements as certain people do not want certain stuff posted. Even in your case, there was an individual who was adamant that we do not post your gossip.. We would be happy to have someone sit down with you..

    • MASTER permalink


    • Cobra Commander permalink

      My name is Philip Dover, I still work with the DCSO and I think anyone who harasses/ assaults a woman is a true coward. The people who run the blog are all true cowards as well, you fags are a match made in heaven!

      Go preds!

  6. Brandon byrd permalink

    Catherine mills I miss that sweet sweet inmate pussy! I love you baby I miss you! I’m so glad uncle daron didn’t charge me with rape by authority figure like he charged cooter and gant. Thank you uncle I love you

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