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Thin skinned Warden whines about the blog during staff meeting!?

September 1, 2015

Hilarious rumor from a Harding place Lieutenant.. Allegedly, Beth Gentry was over heard discussing a staff meeting which took place last week. The Warden took the opportunity to claim that he is ‘under attack’ from the blog, and others! The Warden also allegedly made threats to current employees to ‘terminate on site’ any employee caught giving information to ‘the attackers!’ 

Warden Hall, you are not under attack! Your skeletons are being pulled out of the closet one by one, piece by piece.. You signed up for this job. Be a big boy and take the heat like a man. 


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  1. Therealjackbyrd😘 permalink

    Daron, only because I know you read this blog. Here is a little inside joke that only you and I will get. I bet this one leaves you as red as fire engine and so angry you can’t talk…. Your correct in your News Channel 5 Interview today…. 🎥 + Your lies = No Re-Election which equates to 😉👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏🏽 from the citizenry.

  2. spygate2012 permalink

    I just wish a man for lack of a better term like jack-ass would quit, take your garbage out with you, quit the damn lies, LOWEST TURNOVER IN THE NATION, bee-atch please, the IVORY TOWER never turns over employees unless you are a sacrificial lamb crucified as Jeanette, among the CO1 ranks you can’t keep nobody because of the ones you have in trusted postions that fail to be part of a team, if you would re-evaluate your team you would see this, sometimes its better to clear house and start over especially when it all is coming from the top, the betrayel begins with your leaders, so fire them and promote within and you will see a significant change. QUIT, QUIT, QUIT, QUIT, GO BLOG, GO BLOG, GO BLOG, GO BLOG, BIG NATE, BIG NATE, BIG NATE, BIG NATE, OH YEAH I FORGOT TO THANK THE MAN WITH THE BEST INTEL THAT GOT CAUGHT, SORRY IT HAPPENED BROTHER, BRYAN THE STORMIN NORMAN SIMPSON, THANK YOU FOR BEING THE MOLE, NOW ALL I.T. DOES IS TAKE AWAY ACCESS CAUSE THEY CAN’T PINPOINT ALL THE MOLES, YES I.T. THE HOLES ARE EVERYWHERE. And yes who cares about termination and threats of termination, that’s all a coward does anyway, learn the difference between an argument and a discussion, you sir, like to argue- I am right, we like a discussion-finding out what is right. Poor, poor, pitiful fools, how much more family can be brought in, I mean damn, really? Keep having your staff meetings, the Lt.’s love to pass this info. on, you really don’t know? do you?, I will tell you but you will be mad and take it out on everybody, here is a hint: its everybody, everybody is tired of this administration, even the administration is tired of the administration, like a pack of wolves waiting to tear you apart, oh yes the T.B.I. will eventually have you in your own jail as the federal judge will too for all the retaliation you impose on the ones doing all the work in the jails with no credit given. Go home, please quit, I am tired of your administration.

    • @therealbignate permalink

      Lol why are u saying go big Nate? I’m just a dumb steroid using jock, I can’t even log on to a computer or hook up an xbox. Harry Jines told me that Dan Weikel said I was a gang banger. I don’t know what gang I was in, maybe he thought I took part in gang banging Karla. Everyone who knows me, knows that she is too fat and ugly for me. I have the utmost respect for John Ford. He is a real American war hero, his masters degree from Devry is legit and he shakes hands like no other. I really enjoyed my 35k a year at the DCSO LOL! That fat lazy worthless piece of shit Chris Hampton did me a favor, thank u bro.

      • StorminNorman permalink

        Life outside the DCSO ain’t too bad. The truth is out there. Too bad I’m not still there to have seen them squirm when they lost the trial.

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