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A message to WARDEN HALL! 

August 26, 2015

 Warden Hall claimed in a news interview, that JACK BYRD’s ‘integrity has been in question for some time.’ Daron was so worried about Jack’s ‘integrity’ that he trusted him with key tasks in his last ‘campaign.’ In our humble opinion, Warden Daron Hall is a liar, a racist, underpaid his employees, overpaid his ‘crony’s’, placed crony’s in positions in which they could harass and terrorize good employees. Warden Daron Hall, we will not stop until you are OUT OF OFFICE! What you see on this blog, is the tip of of a monstrous iceberg and you are blind captain of a rickety old ship headed straight towards the iceberg. Your weak threats of ‘slander lawsuits’ do not scare us.. Everything we post is opinion and/or satire which is clearly protected by the freedom of speech. Please know that WE WILL NOT STOP until you are out of office. 




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  1. Observer permalink

    On top of all else, there really is a libel suit against Daron Hall there—which I would certainly pursue if someone publicly called me a liar. There used to be pistols at dawn for that kind of affront, which meant that if you were going to impugn a gentleman’s character you had better have the courage to back it up. Now people just say what they want after weighing the odds of litigation ensuing. A pity, really. I rather like the old ways.

  2. Casey White permalink

    When I was in correctional services, we were voluntold that we had to go to the sign shop. We couldn’t wear anything that would make people think we worked at the S.O. We had to load and unload signs, then Jackie Mc and Norris would use their personal time to deliver signs and pick them up. They were then comped a day that they could use in the future for doing that stuff on “personal” time. Mike Raines had the whole thing mapped out, but he would never give the word on anything. He always made Lassiter tell us stuff. Mike is a coward just like Norris.

  3. Jerry Newsome permalink

    I’m sick and tired of asking you guys to take my name off the building!

  4. Warden Hall? permalink

    Why do you not wear a uniform?

    Why do you not visit the jails?

    WTF do you do exactly?

    Why do you promote family, friends and crony’s before your deputies?

    Why did you speak to a white supremecist group, ban braids on blacks, ban blacks from dying their hair and send get out of jail free cards to blacks?

  5. Lmfao permalink

    Beth gentry was at CJc today talking about the blog! She said she never heard of it, until Daron went on a rant about it. Now she is telling everyone in classification and at the hot dog stand!! Lmfaooo

  6. CPT. Daley permalink

    come on boys lets go build signs and drink beer on metro time.

  7. Dick Tracy permalink

    I would bet my last dollar that some of the eight Metro e-mail addresses in the Ashley Madison computer hack are DCSO employees. They are the only Metro employees who stupid enough to think they could get away with it.

    Pith in the Wind
    Archives | RSS

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2015
    PHILLIPS Ashley Madison Users of Tennessee, Let’s Talk
    Hi guys. Yes, you six guys from who signed up for Ashley Madison with your work email, the seven guys who work for the city of Memphis, the eight guys who work for the city of Nashville, the two Chattanooga city workers, the rumored political operatives and ex-political operatives, I am talking specifically to you, but also, in general, to all men who might find this helpful.

  8. More permalink

    Something stronger than campaign signs please. Where is the corruption? Cover-ups?

  9. Correctional Services permalink

    Wasn’t everything for Daron’s campaign done on Tax payer’s time?

  10. Karla and Donna permalink

    Had a lesbian trist when drunk one night. There was a lot of cellulite slapping and smelled like a boat dock

  11. J Johnson permalink

    I used to see jim in the Jerry Newsome gym doing curls with the 25’s and bench with 135 everyday. He may be stronger than me, but his large brown pit stains were sick! Now I gotta go to planet fitness and hooters everyday because that bastard Dover took a pic of me working out

  12. You wanna promotion? permalink

    Lol I wonder how Melinda McDowell got her promotion? That’s the problem with Daron Hall’s dumb ass and why he has shit organization. He will have a guy with a masters degree in SMU and a fucktard with a GED running the jail. But the person running the jail kissed a lot of ass to get the position.

  13. Randy Porter permalink

    Was all this done during regular business hours on metro computers, if so isn’t that against metro policy.

  14. Blue permalink

    Nice !!

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