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Unknown Female deputy making out with construction worker? 

August 20, 2015

This Image was allegedly taken this week, on Jefferson Street close to the criminal justice center. It appears a female deputy, wearing a training uniform is speaking ‘French’ to an unknown construction worker. Keep it classy DCSO! 


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  1. Cassie thomas permalink

    Do any of y’all wonder how I went from corporal to lieutenant is just 3 years?

  2. Cockeyed permalink

    Karla West Weikel Crocker Gentry Davis wasn’t so cockeyed until I had her. She looked like Jabba the Hutt and smelled of fishermen’s fingers

  3. Karla west Weikel Thomas gentry David Crocker permalink

    That was me and my new boy you Cedric he gives me long dick style!

    • Who didn't do her permalink

      Ha Ha I knew it only a matter of time before her raunchy gross snatch come back. No one at ccs want to touch her wrecked a$$.

      • Dan the little weinee man permalink

        Carla’s gut looked like an old red clay dirt road. Her ass looked like 40 pounds of rice in a 10 pound bag.

    • Catching up permalink

      I gotta bald head

  4. Heath Cane permalink

    Anyone remember in 2013 when Marsha Travis accidentally put nude photos of herself on the screen in the training academy in front of cadets lol

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