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Daron Hall loses jury trial in class action lawsuit from DEPUTIES!! 

August 13, 2015
Wow! Could it get any worse for Warden Daron Hall? A jury has sided with officers, who claim they were underpaid by the Warden. The damages could reach as high as $7,000,000! This will be the end of Warden Hall.. It might not be today, might not be tomorrow, it might be the next election.. But Daron Hall will no longer be our Warden after this lawsuit! 

Another victory for the GOOD GUYS!! 



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  1. old days permalink

    how did they determine the date to go back to in the lawsuit? what is different in someone not getting paid in the 90s and someone not getting paid in the 2000s?

  2. Stono rebellion permalink

    Fuck you daron hall you racist bastard!!!

  3. Hands up don't shoot permalink

    Daron claims we are salary employees? Then why on my check stub does it say my HOURLY WAGE!? You work 8.5 hours a day AND get paid for 8! Also you do not get a 30 min lunch break required by federal law. This lawsuit was the easiest money ever made. At any point Daron could have paid us for the 30 min a day and gave us a 30 min lunch break.. But he’s too busy padding the pockets of the worthless chiefs and cheating on ginger.

  4. Gentle Commenter permalink

    1): metro government is the defendant in the Metro pay plan lawsuit, not Daron Hall, which is probably why the news stories don’t mention his name. He had nothing to do with how Metro payroll computed or documented officer pay. If Metro appeals and loses, any damages are paid by Metro’s insurance, not the taxpayers. 2). The TN Supreme Court ruled 3 years ago that although MPD is the primary conservator of the peace, DCSO is in fact law enforcement agency under the charter, with authority to perform law enforcement functions not performed by MPD, and to support MPD or other LOE agencies, such as the feds. The Renteria ruling is a published case; you may want to read it.
    These are just simple facts, not opinions. I doubt this post will appear on your blog, as what I’ve read here today does not indicate any interest in true information. But at least you will know the truth, even if you choose not to share it.

    • All opinions are welcome here 🙂

      However, you seem just as biased as you claim others are. Daron Hall is the head of the Sheriff’s Office, the Sheriff’s office underpaid employees. Daron Hall’s employees sued and have won. Daron Hall terminated Jeanette Porter, for telling the truth during a deposition on this lawsuit. Mrs. Porter sued and won a settlement. Many others have been retaliated against and terminated for being supporters of this lawsuit. Of course metro will pay the lawsuit, we have stated as such. Other than NES, every metro
      Agency is ran by the taxpayers money. If they have ‘lawsuit’ insurance, it is paid by tax payers.

      ZERO Dcso employees are post certified, zero DCSO officers police anywhere in this county. Could a new Sheriff fight for the right to arrest and make that possible? Sure., however, Daron Hall is a jail warden and is the only sheriff in the state without police powers. Daron Hall does not wear a uniform, as does the head of every police agency in this state.

    • Tony Romo permalink

      If that is the case then why haven’t other departments within metro government filed this law suit? If they underpaid the jail officers then why not school teachers or the water department? We’re any of those departments underpaid? Probably not because Daron Hall chose to underpay them.Just like he chose to speak to the white supremacist group. Then gave lil’ Tom Tom a raise to be his “Stephen”. Tom Tom you’re gonna have to go down to the crossroads to get your soul back.

    • Jail guard troller permalink

      Please describe what law enforcement duties dcso provides considering no one there is post certified.

  5. Big Brother permalink

    Everyone needs to pass this word along. If anyone whose name is on this lawsuit faces any type of adverse action by DCSO Administration;they can contact the EEOC and file a harassment/retaliation claim. This specific case qualifies. The EEOC listed their six highest priorities. This is #6

  6. Brick by Brick permalink

    It appears Hall is the typical narcissist. He has used his office as a playground to basically take care of his friends. He doesn’t like Mexicans, spoke at a supremacist groups luncheon and has cost tax payers millions of dollars in law suits. He’s been a failure to the citizens of Nashville. Someone along the way taught him dirty politics and this is the result of it. The great citizens of Nashville should fire Daron Hall.

    • Big Brother permalink

      He was taught dirty politics by his parents. His father Derwood was a long time city council member who was buddies with Fate Thomas. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He would start crying if he knew who was passing all the secrets about his Dad. Et tu Brute ?

  7. Jeanette Porter permalink

    The take away from this experience is not the fact the jury sided with the employees. The fact is that one employee felt unappreciated and disrespected, filed suit, asked for opted in employees, turned class action, and went against their employer. No matter if you are an elected or appointed official, treat the employees all fair, consistent, and respectful. It doesn’t matter if you are a superior, equable to, or inferior, we all want to make it to retirement proud of our career and humble with our work experience. I believe that no one wants to sue their employer, but it takes one time that the employer becomes complacent with employees and not supportive and not show true appreciation for their backbone of an operation… the employees.

    • Observer permalink

      Very well said. That disrespect doesn’t need to be there. It is a moral choice to value one’s employees. Few and far between have the moral fortitude to do that job right; and those who do have it deserve respect. Sheriff Hall could begin to pull things right by removing all the deadwood between himself and line officers and gracefully accepting the jury verdict. Society is starting to shine a spotlight on issues around incarceration and one of those issues has to be the irrational and unnecessary stresses placed on officers. Things are going to change, that is just the nature of life. Might as well be proactive and realize that cronyism is on its way out.

      • Neo permalink

        There is a tidal wave of evidence about to hit Daron. I personally listened to a damning recorded telephone call of Daron that a co-worker made. My jaw hit the floor. Then I never heard anything about this person or that recorded call again. You see it’s not the things we know and talk about here that will bring Daron down. It’s the things we know nothing about or haven’t heard that will bring him down hard. When there is something that incriminating and it is surrounded by silence, it can only mean one thing. The worst is yet to come.

      • Jeanette Porter permalink

        I agree with you too.
        I don’t blame the sheriff for my downfall. I rarely had interactions with him. Here is my story. My job peaked at some point in time in that office. The best days were when I had ideas for improvements, shared them with the HR director, he would pitch them to the Chiefs across the hall, they were on board, the HR director would come back to my cubicle with a smile and the thumbs up to move forward. At that point, it was no stopping until the job was done. There were no delays or challenges. When we were finished and it was way better than expected, we received the credit with just a small gesture of “good job” that made me feel like I was on top of the mountain. I had a rush and a huge sense of job satisfaction. I was addicted to that rush. Not too many people get a rush for doing an office job. I cared a lot for that HR office.

        I felt things were changing and I tried my hardest to regain that rush that I was addicted to but unfortunately it never happened again. My thought about true appreciation is that people in high positions need to accept that us lower people may have knowledge and recommendations that is from experience too. Listen to them because they too have expertise and valuable advice. That little person would feel truly appreciated if their ideas and concerns were accepted and heard every once in awhile.
        I have noticed that society is changing too towards correctional officers. It is a good thing. I love and miss everyone at DCSO and hope all are safe and in good health. I was at the trial last week and saw a few DCSO people and it brought back memories and sad emotions. I had and will always have a special place in my heart for correctional officers. Spread love and not hate.
        Love and admiration to you all. Miss you.

    • Clark permalink

      So true and so sad. I would title it “You reap what you sow” Repentance is honorable Daron and friends. What is worse is the Metro treatment. They think destroying lives is a game…. pure evil!

    • Clark permalink

      I would guess closer to 25.5 million. If the judge says 7 million they wont appeal. That’s a gift to Metro

  8. Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

    Daron you have done enough. Please remove my name from the building.

  9. Philllip Dover permalink

    I like turtles

  10. Big Brother permalink

    There is already a recording of someone in Administration taunting employees claiming this will be appealed and stalled for a long time. LMAO when are these idiots going to realize they are being recorded. Thanks for the evidence dumba$$ !

  11. Clark permalink

    It may just be me, but does it feel like something real bad is about to happen?

  12. Randy Porter permalink

    It’s about the officer get what they deserve, but to be honest this was going on back when I first started in 1997. Hope this wasn’t to much of an inconvenience for Daron Hall or give him a headache.

  13. Brick by Brick permalink

    Pay up suckas!!!! Hall must go! Hall must go!! Hall must go!! I’m going to run for Sheriff next election! Can I get 1 vote?

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