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DCSO sandwich delivery service!? 

August 12, 2015

Upon watching footage of the recent Antioch movie theater shooting, we noticed DCSO sheriff deputies loitering around the scene, ironically right behind Don Aaron as he did a news interview. We asked ourselves a few pertinent questions; A. WTF are they doing there B. don’t they know they are not REAL COPS? We did some digging, and our source inside the admin building claims that allegedly DCSO SORT was sent to the scene to A. Deliver food to metro police and B. Prance around and pretend to be cops LOL! We have some close friends of the blog, are current/ former SORT members and begged us to never report on SORT. Apparently SORT captain Rusty Owens is well respected and a genuinely good guy.. However, this blog is a conglomerate of individuals and the majority said that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! These guys are making overtime to hang out at crime scenes and pretend to be POST certified officers! 

Warden Hall, you run the JAILS! You do not run a law enforcement agency! If you want to send your ‘goon squad’ around to deliver sandwiches, they should NOT be getting paid overtime! 

Much more to come on this matter!! 



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  1. OldSchoolDeputy permalink

    Owens has been kissing ass since the mid 80s. He may appear like a good guy, but he will sell you out quicker than anyone else there.

    Sheriff Fate Thomas Admin = Kiss Ass

    Sheriff Hank Hillin Admin = Kiss Ass

    Sheriff Gayle Ray Admin = Kiss Ass

    Sheriff Daron Hall Admin = Kiss Ass

  2. Mike permalink

    Sheriffs won the lawsuit!!!

  3. Randy Porter permalink

    And they should not be out watching the sheriffs house at all hours because he got scared because he thought he saw someone.

  4. Big Brother permalink

    Mark these words “Metro is going to get burned over letting DCSO pretend to be cops” Eventually something is going to happen where someone gets hurt or killed while DCSO is pretending to be cops and it will turn into a spectacle.No one will be able to defend it

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