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Daron Hall and state rep. Bill Beck tied together in DUI arrest!? 

July 29, 2015

Tennessee State Represenstive Bill Beck was arrested months ago for suspicion of DUI in Davidson County. The Tennessean released the video from Beck’s arrest. In the video, Beck can be heard asking his wife to ‘call John Taylor, tell him I’m inside his jail!’ John Taylor is Warden Hall’s chief warrant officer and alleged adulterer (allegedly cheated on Jamey with a subordinate DCSO employee.) How was Beck treated inside Warden Hall’s jail? Did he get the same pat search, wait hours for medical and booking, then wait hours in the middle of 50+ inmates as everyone else? Rumor from a CJC Lieutenant states that Beck was allegedly treated to a swift run through booking, a nice cup of coffee and was out the front door within no time! Allegedly, Chief of Security Jamie Johnson made a phone call to the Lieutenant advising him to ‘take care of Beck, he’s a close friend of the Sheriff!?’ We are in the process of checking the intake/ release times of Beck and comparing them to everyone else booked in that evening. 


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  1. Dick Tracy permalink

    There is something DCSO is hiding here. Channel 5 first posted a simple story about these two getting arrested and the photo showed one being put in a Metro Police car right beside a DCSO vehicle. After people started asking why was the DCSO there, Channel 5 changed there story to claim Metro contacted DCSO for assistance in a SWAT situation. Then after questioning that Channel 5 changed the photo to two mug shots instead of a DCSO vehicle in the middle of a SWAT situation. Both times the blog comments were erased. What would make them so deliberately cover this up? Did someone from DCSO hear this on the radio and “PLAY COP” someone should ask the people arrested what really happened. Hopefully the original photo will post below. Someone should ask around, DCSO is scared of something. Channel 5 would not do this on their own.

  2. Dick Tracy permalink

    Moderator, Please consider doing a story on this subject. WTF ? Why would the Metro Police call the Sheriff’s Office for help in a situation where a S.W.A.T. team is necessary ? NO-ONE AT DCSO IS TRAINED TO DEAL WITH THIS. If that statement is true MPD might as well tell all armed citizens to show up and help. I bet the truth is DCSO showed up and someone had to cover it up with this BS story. MPD should be put on the spot for that recklessness. It is worth a good story and being sent to any news outlet that will listen. Thanks for consideration.

  3. Wickle permalink

    What about mike rains,Justin Norris and that so called captain Daley working on the sheriffs house on metro time? Someone needs to look at the csc real close. The biggest crooks in the dept

  4. MikeandIke permalink

    The Class action lawsuit starts Tuesday yaaaaa

  5. MikeandIke permalink

    To be honest and Im not taking sides, that DUI stop was bogus. He was not veering and swerving as the officer stated. I watched the video and the judge agreed. Whats funny, is even the police officer when he did a uturn and followed hos car was driving over the line which the judge stated

  6. DCSO permalink

    Wondering if John Taylor did a SAIR report for receiving a call from his buddy?

  7. Ruby permalink

    Everyone leave Mr Beck alone he is the victim. Me and my Church are praying about all these lies. That video of Mr Beck Is FAKE ! Bill has never even tried alcohol ! Daron did not speak to a White Supremacist group the news lied ! This class action suit is a lie ! please pray for these victims, I rebuke the devil.

  8. Mt. zion permalink

    Tony Wilkes has been spreading the word Around church that he will be the next sheriff

  9. To Harry Jines permalink

    Hey hey hey Harry aka SLICK! I have a copy of your dishonorable discharge from the military! I just received it, I had to put in a formal request with the national archives. How do you have a gun and teach cadets with a dishonorable discharge?

  10. Clark permalink

    Ever wonder why some lives get cut short under the Sheriffs watch? I heard Joe Laster suddenly killed himself over things going on in CJC. Does anyone have details? I heard Shelton was verbally abuse by an administrator just before he died. I also was informed Inmates suddenly die under suspicious conditions and all the evidence just disappeared or was falsified. I am watching first hand how the system is corrupt, but I know the one who sees everything and is watching. He prepares the path and never leaves nor forsakes His children. Learn to repent, time is short!

    • Changing of the mind permalink
      The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

  11. NAACP permalink

    I don’t think he was treated special because he was a State Rep. Based on Daron’s tenure it is clearly because he is white ! I guarantee you if a black Rep came in there he wouldn’t have gotten any special care. Someone should go into the system and see how many blacks have gotten a DUI in the last year. His special treatment in itself is not racist. The acting Administrator at CJC ordering his staff to act in a discriminatory manner is.

    • Buford Pusser permalink

      Normally I wouldn’t think so but after reading that list a few stories back of all the racists things Daron has done it makes perfect sense.

  12. Fox Moulder permalink

    I wonder if they realize yet who all is investigating them? Do they think Republicans in this State aren’t getting their back stabbing daggers ready? You will see all of this dealt with in a way for Republicans to take over Metro Govt.There should be another huge story out before the weekend. It is already in motion.

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