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Warden Hall speaks on Hall Monitor about Jack Byrd situation???

July 14, 2015

All we can say is wow.. Corley, you might want to get your resume ready! We hear the mcDonalds in Cottontown  is hiring? REMEMBER, if any employee sees their name on this blog, or in the comments, you must fill out a SAIR report. 

Thank you for all you do! 



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  1. Dumb Question permalink

    Daron played a huge role in CCA receiving huge contracts to house DCSO inmates; including a huge expansion of the CCA prison a couple of years ago. If Daron,Ginger, Derwood or any other family member, City Council member,or Mayor owned stock in CCA wouldn’t that be a serious problem. It would be turning taxpayer money into Stock profits.

    • Grave Digger permalink

      You can call The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and ask them. If so they are the one that would investigate that.

  2. Chris Hampton permalink

    How did jack blackmail Pearson about his days off? We already got his days off worked out weeks earlier, y’all have already made me lie on one of my friends in court, I’m not doing this again.

  3. Willhagens permalink

    It was a balmy summer night in south nashville.. Down Murfreesboro road, through the prostitutes and drug dealer, there is a little road Willhagen drive. There sits a little hole in the wall bar named after the street it sits. A portly man with a grey almost cartoonish flat top began an argument. BAM! The man was Corley Pearson and he just got knocked out by a skinny redneck.

  4. TheRealJackByrd permalink

    Uncle Daron, I wish you a very happy birthday. Look at it this way when you get fired you can come work for me. As always thanks for what you do.

  5. Justice is coming permalink

    Heres a shady road Daron… Im Anthony Payne?
    Heres aanother Pearson, Pete?
    Anyone talked to Tank lately?
    I wonder if they destroyed all the recordings?

  6. Are we all gonna pretend like John Ford didn’t cheat on Sandy with Joan and Sheila?

  7. Are we all gonna pretend like Dan Weikal didn’t get a severance package to keep quiet when they fired him? Imagine the embarrassment when that comes out lol

  8. Are we gonna all pretend like Allan Shonting didn’t show up to order of protection violation court wearing his uniform and gun? Clarissa cross was fired for paying a ticket in her Dcso jacket.

  9. Are we all gonna pretend like Harold Turks didn’t show up in uniform with a gun up scare one of his tenants at a rental property?

  10. Bill boner permalink

    Daron, your agency looks about as good as the breakfast trays they serve on the 5th floor!! Your reputation is going down in the toilet fast! You are trying so damn hard to keep a lid on things, and it is all making matters worse. Just man up, step down and be a councilman.

  11. Bucky Puff permalink

    lol that is Philip Dover’s voice!

  12. Cobra commander permalink

    Any truth to the rumor alan Shonting showed up to court wearing his DCSO uniform and weapon?

  13. Dick Tracy permalink

    I think I pissed myself a little. CLASSIC

  14. Lmfao permalink

    Hey yo Chelle get your fat ass off prims dick and do a voice analysis LMAO PURE GOLD

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