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*Breaking* More of Warden Hall’s meeting with Jack Byrd prior to terminating him! 

July 7, 2015


As posted earlier, Warden Hall called Jack Byrd in for a private meeting last week, prior to terminating him. In the first clip Warden Hall allegedly advises Jack of alleged ‘new things’ he could bring up to hurt Jack.. In the audio he appears to state ‘if you go away, all those things go with you..’ Why would Daron Hall, now want to allegedly threaten Jack Byrd into taking a deal?? In the second clip The warden appears to state his reasoning.. He does not want Byrd to HARM the Warden or agency.. Warden Hall then goes on to explain that suing him is not HARMING him, so we would speculate that he does not want information coming out that could potentially get him FIRED or locked up? The irony of Byrd being fired for blackmail, only a few hours after the Warden allegedly attempting to BLACKMAIL HIM!?

We also find it DISGUSTING that Daron Hall does not worry about lawsuits.. The DCSO has been sued by so many people during the Hall regime. The money comes from the TAXPAYERS to pay these lawsuits, not the DCSO budget! 

We would speculate the majority of the interview will be coming a news channel near you soon! 



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  1. Jamies' Karma permalink

    I know an Officer that used to work at CDM that claims to have pulled Anthony McCoy out of the unit for Jamie and witnessed him coerce and instruct him to file a lawsuit against an employee. I remember when 4 officer’s (Kinsler, Chids, Hicks and Bass) came forward with evidence of an illegal officer/inmate relationship between Krystal Adams and inmate Alfonso Williams. Jamie charged the 4 Officers with harassment of Krystal the very next day a separate Officer caught her on her cell phone with the inmate on duty. The 4 Officers where exonerated Krystal was escorted out of the building and nothing happened to Jamie. Anyone who worked at CDM remembers how Jamie used to harass Sheldon. It went on for more than a year. Then Sheldon got arrested for DUI and told everyone of his co-workers that Jamie was going to get him fired for sure this time. 12 hours later he killed himself. Even though many in Admin. have gotten DUI’s and were not fired. How about the many times staff have witnessed him pop cell doors and attack inmates over female subordinates he was trying to screw. What about when Officers blew the whistle on Jamie getting paid to workout. Then they were retaliated against. That clearly falls under Waste/Fraud/ Abuse law.( thanks Dover) What he doesn’t know is some of the inmates he has done shady shit with are talking. (never trust inmates retard) I could go on all night, the point is these cock suckers are going down but clearly some are going to go down harder than others. Jamie I think orange is your color

  2. T Dawg permalink

    This harold T Dawg Taylor I cannet reed ot rite but I workd at walls prison ole school homie

  3. Lt Phillip Shipley permalink

    Hey I am handcuffing all Blackmen to walls and beating their ass! Fuck y’all the south will ride again

  4. John Forde permalink

    Will you damn bloggers stop calling me a coward! I am a military veteran and I have a bachelors from Devry and a masters from Shinfghrd online university, I am a very tough man. I shake hands so hard I pretend I’m
    Playing mercy. Does anyone remrmber when my daughter was dating that criminal and he beat her ass? I was trying so hard to get in booking to beat him up, but I remembered how much of a real true war hero I am and didn’t want to disgrace the nsvy

    • Santa Claus permalink

      Remember last Christmas at Hundred Oaks Mall you tried to shake Bass hand and he said “fuck you I ain’t shaking your hand coward” and your wifes’ jaw hit the floor. Then you kept saying “come on John it’s Christmas” what a pu$$y

  5. Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

    Hello, could you please take my name off the training academy? I no longer want to be associated with this bullshit. Thank you

  6. Concerned citizen permalink

    This is just disgusting!!!! I can not believe that Daron Hall holds a public office and acts this way. He doesn’t care about a lawsuit? It is just a headache??? Are you fucking serious! That is our money you god damn piece of shit!!!!

  7. Brick by Brick permalink

    In other words, don’t go away mad just go away. Fire Daron Hall!

  8. Blue permalink

    Justice needs to be served! This administration has done too many people wrong! They think they are above the law and untouchable. Nobody is above the law! All the administration staff covers up the illegal and malicious wrong doings. Not anymore!! Hall …Ford and administration is going down…

  9. Anonymous permalink

    Interesting, the sheriff clearly enjoys breaking laws and manipulating judges and attorneys. His free ride is about done. Maybe we can find him some space. I think he has suckered enough people into his web and starting to feel untouchable. But it’s nearing the end and several of his secret support group is flipping channels and making distance away from him and his staff. I feel sorry for the blind ones jumping on that sinking boat.

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