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July 7, 2015

SHOCKING clip from Warden Hall’s 1.5 hour meeting with Jack Byrd. It appears Warden Hall’s agenda was to strike a deal to keep Jack quiet. In this clip, Warden Hall states ‘I’m not worried about what is going to happen in the future, I’m worried about what is going to happen to us (NOW) because of this.’ Daron appears to referencing the fallout of the jail move letters/ councilman/ jack Byrd scandal. He KNOWS Jack has damaging information, and the Warden wants to duct tape his mouth shut with an agreement. When Jack refused to agree to the terms, The Warden later appears to use threats, and scare tactics in his attempt to silence Byrd. It is so hilarious to listen to this entire meeting as the Warden uses ELEMENTARY LEVEL manipulation tactics. Warden, these tactics may work on your children, wife, mistress, or any of your multiple Chiefs because they know they could never make 100k to do nothing anywhere else.. But in the real world it is mediocre at best. 
Stay Tuned as we will continue to share the information as we receive it 🙂 


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  1. Principal permalink

    This ain’t revenge it’s a reckoning.

  2. spygate2012 permalink

    Daron just quit, take shoe shine boys Harold and Tony with you, fire Jamie Johnson and Chris Brown. Pam Hale take with you too, she hides so much shit going on at HDC, In meetings with officers she says the same thing over and over, we don’t want this to go any further than here, the sheriff has too much on his plate as it is, Daron you do need to know what is going on, that is why you lost your grip, your hush hush muppets hide too much instead of correcting issues, like you fools have 113 million to build with, I am sure you idiots could find 99,000 measly dollars for a parking lot, but the parking is your way of saying this is my status symbol and I am better than you. So sad, I am going to start making them take that fake-ass hair off when coming through the facilities, you could hide a 3rd world country in that shit, how do we know you ain’t smuggling crap in with all those wigs, for once you read policy, instead of always saying what does policy say, what a cop out. Here is an idea, Jamie quit, Tony quit, Pam quit, Harold quit, Chris quit, Marsha quit, Vickie quit, Ruby my family is all on the Davidson County Payroll quit, please just go with your sorry lazy self. Anybody can be a manager – someone who manages to not do a damn thing, a supervisor – do as I say not do as I do, we need leaders and problem solvers and those that want to work with others to accomplish daily task and goals, not supervisors that work like Lt. Joshua “Chris Brown all up in that ass” Bone who dances around every issue and afraid to stand tall and be the bad guy in front of inmates, he can’t decide if he wants to look bad and win or look good and lose, how about doing the right thing, so many would fail under a different sheriff or at other careers, everybody sees through the shit but are bound to silence, quit fools. Goins and Sandoval you are snitching bitches, you will learn the hard way. And really? 4 years no pay raises to staff, I am sure admin. got their money cause you all are so important, quit giving money out to the wrong ones, get a damn parking lot, before the pay raise’s came to a screeching halt Daron you had a large amount of Deputies backing you, you pulled that fuck-boy shit and started taking care of only admin., can’t you see where all this started, being selfish and not taking care of those making you look good, anyway good riddance to you all, can’t wait till the TBI throws you fools out on your asses.

  3. Sally Jesse Raphael permalink

    Ok so jack is on the chopping block for alleged blackmail.. Daron finds out he has info that could damage him, and decides to blackmail him? Daron hall is a fuck muppet

  4. Dick Tracy permalink

    The writing is on the wall

  5. Ric gentry permalink

    So when Daron leaves can I still drive my 4 wheelers around at parades?

  6. Common Sense permalink

    How stupid can you get? I can’t believe the News hasn’t plastered this audio all over the place. I wonder what was going through Darons’ head when he decided meeting with Jack was a good idea. Better yet what was going through his head when he decided blackmailing Jack was a good idea. What a dumba$$

  7. Fate Thomas permalink

    And y’all thought I was bad

  8. Randall Hayes permalink

    LMAO! Daron I would come back from the dead and chew my lip off again, hell even pull my sinus’ out my nose again just to see your face when you realized you were recorded in that meeting! Lmao! You already punished Ford enough by taking ‘sweater puppies’ Sheila from him, but he should be punished for that shirty job of a pat down. I guess because he has always been a rear echelon mother fucker and has never done a pat search lol

  9. Brick by Brick permalink

    Warden Hall we have told our mission but it appears you’re not really understanding. We are not a bunch of disgruntled, fired ex employees. We are a conglomerate of concerned citizens who feel that you have been very fraudulent about your intent as the “Sheriff”. Brick by Brick we’re going to tear down your tower and expose you to the public. Thanks for firing Dan Weikal, he was near the top of our list of cronies who needed a quick exit. Tell Uncle Tom Tom that he is slowly climbing our list as well. Just because we don’t mention him here as much doesn’t mean he’s not discussed. I don’t know who’s worse him or Mr. Monday morning, I don’t want to rock the boat Jamie Johnson or that Shoe shine boy Harold Taylor. Just know this, we are committed.

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