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Jack Byrd officially terminated. Will this be Warden Hall’s last big mistake?

July 6, 2015

Warden Hall has OFFICIALLY terminated Jack Byrd for allegedly blackmailing Corley Pearson, along with a few other trumped up charges. Like many before him, Jack was LOYAL to Daron Hall, and Daron took him out in the back yard and put a proverbial bullet in his back. Robert Greene’s 15th of Power: An enemy that is left around is like a half-dead viper that you nurse back to health. When is Warden Hall going to learn that everyone he stabs in the back, is now outside his reach just waiting for the opportunity to pay him back. Jack Byrd is a very intelligent individual, and we would speculate the information flood gates are going to be opened! Last Thursday, prior to the official termination, Daron called Jack in for a one on one meeting. Despite John Ford’s alleged half ass pat search, somehow we have listened to an hour and a half audio of the alleged meeting. All we can say is..


How stupid can Warden Hall be!? We would speculate that we will only be privy’d to certain information, as some will be used in potential lawsuits or criminal proceedings vs. The Warden. A few excerpts that we feel comfortable sharing, is that Daron appeared to desperately attempt to make a deal to keep Jack from sharing any information that could ‘DAMAGE HIM (Daron) OR HIS AGENCY’ The Warden then referenced future allegations he could make against Jack if he refuses to sign the deal.. Is this not BLACKMAIL!? We also heard Warden Hall discuss this very blog numerous times in the meeting.. LOL HI DARON, TELL GINGER HI! This will only get better, so please stay tuned .. 

To Warden Hall, no, we do not want to discredit you or your agency.. We want the public to see the REAL YOU.. The slimey, coward, piece of trash that you and most of your administrators are! 

Can someone please explain this check to Jack, from the Daron Hall Conmittee?? We will fill you in later 😉 


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  1. spygate2012 permalink

    Oh yes, I can’t wait, Daron, Chris, Corley, Uncle Tom, J.J. and all the families tied to the DCSO need to go, THAT CRAP OF A MSSION STATEMENT IS A LIE, bring some real integrity to the office, promote those wanting real positive work environment instead of a swingers club at work. You all make me sick, I hate putting on the monkey suit of the DCSO, need some real leaders to work with Deputies not cowards. I know it is crumbling in the facilities, I see it on their face everyday, just trying to figure out who is behind all the exposure, you freaking idiots we are everywhere, and you fools keep stepping in the dog poo, which you are not worthy of, Hello Daron, I know you like reading this, you coward of a man, along with the coward of an administration you have as well, all of you punks are scared that the lower level officers are critical thinkers, guess what you are right. There are so many of us waiting to pounce and make something so wrong right again, it is sickening that you cowards tuck and run every time a deputy makes an attempt to work with you fools, but your administrations logic is to dance around the issues and not come to a conclusion that would benefit all. Do us all a favor get Pam Hale and Chris Brown out of HDC, the last time I was there, you have two fools together talking trash to staff, making threats to the Lt’s, I have heard it just passing through the hell hole. Travis, I mean Corley just quit man just quit, you sir are a liar. I know the administrations time has got to be short, too much going on for them to continue to lie about, the proof is there, it can’t be everybody else every single time with the only one common denominator. Just want to say sincerely from Richard Pickens, Jeremy Byers, Joshua Beem, Joseph Porch, David Tribble, Adam Goodrich, Wade Hales, what the hell, everybody your administration double crossed. You guys have set yourselves up for this one, Daron fire yourself, Daron fire yourself, Daron fire yourself, Daron fire yourself. God help us get this administration out and the judges and attorneys that are riding with you fools. Peace out good people, keep up the good work, expose all, question everything, write down everything, have witnesses, you will need them against these fools. I hate all you cronies with a heart felt passion, please quit and leave Tennessee, please go now you no good for nothing useless fools.

  2. J craft permalink

    If I get fired for fucking these hoes im
    Suing! They didn’t fire the sheriff’s nephew! And goins and Sandoval are some snitching bitches

  3. Master permalink


  4. Rubie Joyner permalink

    Favor ain’t fair

  5. Monty Pennington permalink

    So when the sheriff gets fired can I give cigarettes to the girls again?

  6. Cobra Commander permalink

    Pops popcorn. Waiting to see this meeting on the news.

  7. Clark permalink

    Daron fired the right one this time! Now the truth will be exposed. When Jack files charges for official misconduct and multiple others. I can only hope to show the pattern of filth you represent. How do you ignore the admissions by several regarding criminal acts by your staff? Admission after admission is a clear fact you fail to do your job and uphold the laws you swore to defend. Willful and wanton disregard is also official misconduct. Your intent is clear and misguided. The missing the target? Well lets say your time is short! The one you serve shares your anger… He too knows his time is short!

  8. Jack of All Trades permalink

    You wanted it, now you got it. I’m coming and hells coming with me.

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