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Meet Brandon Byrd, Warden Hall’s nephew.. 

June 29, 2015


Warden Hall LOVES to hire relatives, friends and relatives of friends in his agency. Brandon Byrd is allegedly the nephew of Warden Hall. A few years back Brandon was a deputy with his Uncle Daron’ agency. Brandon went through training and was assigned to the Female Jail at Harding Place. The future looked so bright for Brandon! Allegedly, Brandon had a slight problem… It is rumored that Brandon began a relationship with a certain female inmate! That’s right, the nephew of Daron Hall allegedly, had relations with a female inmate. The female is said to have had a stack of envelopes, pre stamped with Brandon’s address on them. Brandon allegedly resigned.. Oh so quietly. We understand that we are all human and mistakes happen.. Especially when a sexy crackhead female inmate is involved.. The prison rape elimination act, PREA, which Marcus Bodie headed for Warden Hall, states that there is no consensual sex in prison. Two separate Corporals were actually charged with ‘rape by an authority figure’ due to the PREA law. Ironically, Brandon was never charged?? We know that Daron Hall is an alleged RACIST.. He spoke to a white supremecist group, banned black hairstyles and sent fake get out of jail free cards to black communities.. It is ironic that of the two corporals charged with sex crimes, one Is black and the other is white, but has biracial children. Did Daron Hall keep his nephew from being charged with a sex crime?? We have a former member of HR who sent us Brandon Byrd’s FULL packet. We have also reached out to the female inmate and spoke to her.. STAY TUNED!! 

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  1. TheRealJackByrd permalink

    The worst part of it all Daron is that you lie… You lie about reading this blog, you lie about caring about what it says, you even sadly enough lie to yourself about it. – JKB3…

  2. Big Lew permalink

    John Ford I will stone cold stun your AIDS ridden broke down Monty burns looking ass! Then I’m coming to RKO Chris Brown looking like Tom Hanks on Philadelphia.

  3. Warden Hall permalink

    Grrrr! You bloggers are making me so angry! I have never been in a fight in my life, but I swear I would fight one of you son of a bitches! I just want to make 150,000 a year and rule over my little fucked up agency, is that too much to ask!? I’m sure all of you that I fired make more money now right? Why are you so upset? The bloggers that still work for me, I will not rest until I weed you out and will crush you! I AM THE WARDEN GOD DAMMIT RESPECT ME RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!

    • Big Lew permalink

      Daron I smack your hairline back another inch and knock that porn stache sideways!

  4. Clark permalink

    Class E felony? Cover-up? Official Misconduct, Conspiring? Obstruction? A duty to perform and uphold the laws? Clearly people are blind and … right sheriff. Wonder how many were threatened or influenced with political pressure? I still wonder how running of a MNPD road block by another administrator just disappeared?

  5. Accountability, Diversity, Integrity and Professionalism permalink

    I am just sitting here watching the National news talking about these prison escapes with the help of Officers. Daron has created an atmosphere that emboldens this type of behavior by not exposing and punishing the Officers involved in these acts. He has clearly compromised the safety of the public.

  6. Byrd is the Word permalink

    ***News Flash***
    I am in no way, shape, or form related to those sons of Bitches.

  7. Badged for your pleasure permalink

    “And thus I clothe my naked villany
    With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ,
    And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”- Daron Hall

  8. Dick Tracy permalink

    What I want to know is how can the DCSO investigate matters like this? They have no law enforcement authority so when there is an allegation of a criminal act it is supposed to be reported to the DA’s Office and the Metro police are supposed to investigate the allegations according to Metro law. This story and many others show a clear pattern of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. DCSO cannot investigate themselves in criminal matters. Now Metro, The State and the Feds have been notified of these and many other things. The pressure is starting to mount for these agencies to act or be swept up in this. Sounds like it is time to talk to National News outlets. People across the Nation are sick of abuse by Sheriffs offices across the Nation. Let the protest begin !

  9. Jason Big Moose Fryer permalink

    Dover you pussy I remember when Josh Brown put a remote control in your gun holster. You got so mad that you threw it against a brick wall! Then they picked up the pieces and mailed it to you lol! I know a lot of stuff, Sheila Morgan used to sleep with kevin Johnson I heard.

  10. Jason Big Moose Fryer permalink

    Monty Pennington was caught throwing cigarettes over the wall to girls who flashed their itty bitty titties to him. He was not punished at all and hell he works the guard shack downtown

  11. The Ghost of Dover past permalink

    What about Lt. Newton getting caught having sex with inmates in her office on duty. What about Jason Blackford? What about Ashley Harrington? Daron didn’t just cover up crimes committed by his nephew he has covered up a lot of other crimes. So he is not showing preference to Brandon

    • Aren’t the people you mentioned all white? Appears to me only the black officer and the one with biracial children were charged?

      • Jason Big Moose Fryer permalink

        Rickey Martin is black and he was not charged. Maybe because Daron thought he could bring in some black vote from his church

  12. Truth be Told permalink

    A package being sent to the female inmate was searched by Diane Baily. It had a bunch of self addressed stamped envelopes to Brandon at the address of Darons’ mother, Brandons’ Grandmother whom Brandon lived with. No disciplinary action was taken. Several months later there was a second investigation involving Brandon and no action was taken. Finally there was a massive investigation in which several officers were accused of having sex with inmates and smuggling in drugs including heroin. ( Solomon Holley was also accused ) Every female inmate in B building was drug tested. Many failed proving the drugs did enter. After the third investigation Daron would not allow Brandon to work in the female building because of the evidence. THAT IS WHEN BRANDON RESIGNED ! HE NEVER GOT IN TROUBLE !

    • Cooter Wilson permalink

      *mumbles* why did I get *mumbles* charged for fingering a female *mumbles* but Brandon didn’t? Also *mumbles* pillow used to get kick backs from bondsman for giving they’re cards out n booking

    • Jason Big Moose Fryer permalink

      I fucked a girl in ORC and I was not charged. So did Burgess and pendergrass and they’re black.. So Daron is not a racist na na na boo boo

    • Byrd Man Jr. permalink

      * In my best Bill Clinton voice:
      “I did not have sexual relations with that inmate…ugh.”

  13. Pillow permalink

    Hey I gots the new mad max avengers and some mo shit

  14. Meulhauser permalink

    Can everyone who slept with my gf when she was a nurse please raise your hand?

    • The fortunate one permalink

      That’s bull shit. Bash the people that need to be bashed. Muelhauser is one of the good guys. Turn your attention to the pieces of shits that enjoyed fucking all the CO’s.

  15. Ben Dover permalink

    Please fill out another SAIR report Dover you rat bastard

  16. Chris Allen permalink

    Hello I am the new training officer. Me and Kristi Cole will teach you how to fight lol. Harry Jines will fuck all the cadets LMAO

  17. Ginger's have no soul permalink

    I went through the academy with Brandon. He fell in love with the same girl Blackford was fucking lol. Little red headed punk used to brag about his Uncle everyday and turned around and fucked an inmate! I forwarded this to all the news channels lol

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