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Warden Hall’s ‘legal team’ attempting to stop freedom of speech? 

June 24, 2015

The Fire Daron Hall blog posts comedy, satire, rumor and speculation.. Many of our posts very well may be 100% factual, however we are not posting them as fact.. It’s up to the viewer to investigate and form their own opinion. This is no different than a Saturday Night live episode, making fun of a president. This type of literature is CLEARLY covered by freedom of speech. This has been in our ‘About’ section since day one. We also do not moderate our comments, therefore Warden Hall or anyone else is free to come and post their side of the story. Warden Hall’s skin is as thin as a piece of wet paper, and he will do anything to stop the blog. Warden Hall instituted a ‘social media’ policy and even suspended officers who admitted to commenting on the blog. We recently ran across this hilarious email, which appears to be from Metro  Legal to a former officer’s attorneys, attempting to keep him from commenting on the blog.. 

From: Fox, Brook (Legal)

Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:10 PM

To: ‘’

Cc: Dundon, Catherine (Legal)

Subject: Clark, Jerry


It has come to our attention that your client has posted a dropbox link in a comment he made in a Nashville Scene on-line article. The dropbox link apparently includes personal information (address, tele. number etc.) of some of our DCSO officers, which is not a matter of public record. Please ask him to remove that dropbox link from his comment immediately. Many thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.

J. Brooks Fox

Metropolitan Attorney

108 Metropolitan Courthouse

P.O. Box 196300

Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300

(615) 862-6375

Note talking to Nashville Scene and FIREDARONHALL blog is not permitted nor protected under first amendment rights anymore. Byrd DO NOT GO SOFT they will only use it in their favor to burn you. THEY ALL BELONG IN PRISON! See you soon 🙂

Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 10:14 AM

From: “Fox, Brook (Legal)” 

To: “‘'” 

Cc: “Dundon, Catherine (Legal)” 

Subject: RE: Clark, Jerry

Apparently, he has also included the dropbox link in the comments on the “Fire Daron Hall” blog. If he does not remove the dropbox link immediately, we will have no other choice but to file suit against him seeking an injunction and attorneys’ fees for his role in publicizing confidential information in violation of state law. Again, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

J. Brooks Fox

Metropolitan Attorney

108 Metropolitan Courthouse

P.O. Box 196300

Nashville, Tennessee 37219-6300

(615) 862-6375

We would like to point out that NO ONE has ever messaged us, asking us to remove anything. How does Mrs. Fox know that Jerry Clark even posts here? Why did Warden Hall’s pet nerd Byron Grizzle not redact the information prior to handing it out to someone? It appears that whoever posted the Dropbox, simply posted it as it was given to them? If the Dropbox is not removed immediately you will file suit?? LOL! Why don’t you file suit against yourselves, and DCSO HR for not redacting the confidential information? 

We would speculate that Warden Hall’s ‘legal team’ should have better things to do than read this blog.. Like figure out what they want to offer to settle with Jack Byrd, or what they want to settle with officers in the class action law suit? 


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  1. Clark permalink

    Does the Sheriff admin tamper with Judges and Attorneys? more felonies coming…

  2. Deflategate permalink

    The only thing deflated more than Tom Brady’s footballs is Corley Pearson’s ass. Pearson got lap band surgery and went from 300 to 155 over night. He looks like the episode of Spongebob when Mr. crabs lost his shell.

  3. Marc McClure permalink

    Hey everyone, I’m a fat lazy SOB from Manchester, TN. Chris Hampton is my butt buddy and we will do whatever Pearson, Ford and the Warden tell us to do. One time I planted a few pubic hairs in the transportation fridge as a prank, I hope everyone liked the joke? Clarence Thomas did it and didn’t get in trouble.

  4. TheRealJackByrd permalink

    Another story coming up next is going to be on the actions of Ford, Gentry, Davis, and Bauder last Sober Ride after party.

    • Suplex City permalink

      What do all 4 have in common, other than being wastes of a paycheck? They all cheat on their wives!

    • Karla's rotten snatch permalink

      Please elaborate?

  5. The Truth permalink

    I cheated on my wife> (with a relative of another employee)
    She caught me>
    She left me>
    I got sad and started going to counseling>
    They promote me because I was all alone>
    My name is Eric Bauder
    #Cheaters never prosper

  6. Changing of the mind permalink The king’s heart is in the hand of Jehovah as the watercourses: He turneth it whithersoever he will. Every way of a man is right in his own eyes; But Jehovah weigheth the hearts. To do righteousness and justice Is more acceptable to Jehovah than sacrifice. A high look, and a proud heart, Even the lamp of the wicked, is sin. The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; But every one that is hasty hasteth only to want. The getting of treasures by a lying tongue Is a vapor driven to and fro by them that seek death. The violence of the wicked shall sweep them away, Because they refuse to do justice. He that followeth after righteousness and kindness Findeth life, righteousness, and honor.

  7. Matlock permalink

    This is a situation that clearly needs to be reported to The Board of Professional Responsibility.

  8. Clark permalink

    I did edit the personal profile out of the link and sorry if there was any issues. You are completely correct that DCSO provided all the information to me upon request. Byron personally handed the disk with the entire Investigative files on it just 10 minutes before my Disciplinary hearing. Oh and no computers were available at that time. Due process is not a legal right anymore, just another gray area to manipulate the legal system. It took 6 months to just figure out all the dirty games that went on to set me up after the attack. Since digging through the DCSO dirty closets I have a better understanding about the gutter ethics and broken character for this administration. They like to threaten and pressure everyone into complying with their sick and twisted value system.

    I will have more later, DCSO contacted my new employer a few months ago to create problems. After talking with the investigator I discover their tactics are getting pathetic. When I reveal the one who requested the investigation we will see if Official Misconduct runs deep still. Class E felony. Retaliation is common place for DCSO. Look me up if you need a testimony. But I suspect charges within 6 months for these criminals.

    • deltaforce permalink

      Clark, you are an idiot. Set you up? Ask yourself the real reason you were not reinstated. No worries you went and posted non public information. Lol.

      • Changing of the mind permalink

        Simple answer, the Lord is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The path is defined by His will. Thanks and Glory to our Father in Heaven.

      • Changing of the mind permalink

        The evil one sets the snare and people choose to indulge in their wickedness.

        My Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ our Lord is my strength and delivers me from my enemy’s stronghold.

  9. James Spurlocke permalink

    Me and Pearson’s sister are in love. I know we have matching gunts but we will do whatever Corley and Daron need. That’s why we wrote statements on Jack. I know I’m a master mason but I do not follow any code, my loyalty to the jail warden is more important

    • Deputy permalink

      That fucker spurlock has since left the DCSO and now works at the water department.LOL

  10. Ricky Martins permalink

    Hello everyone I worked with Daron at CCA And I promised to bring in a few Antioch black votes, so Daron did not fire me when I had inappropriate relations with females in my laundry truck. It is what is is haters

  11. Jimm McDowel permalink

    Who ever posted this about my wife will be crushed! I will send tommy Bogel to your house! I lift weights and I will smash you!

  12. Bryan Grizzle permalink

    Hey guys in sorry I forgot to redact the confidential information from the documents. Please forgive me, I was at a star trek convention, reading my history book, and squeezing my fat body into a yellow Tour de France jumpsuit and bicycling around downtown.

  13. Bud Light permalink

    Remember those old Bud Light commercials saluting idiot professional’s? Today we salute you “Mr. Retard pretending to be an Attorney for Metro” Thanks Brooks Fox for making us pi$$ ourselves a little at your expense. When this whole Metro Legal thing falls apart for you ; you can just start a stand up comedy routine just being yourself. If that doesn’t make them laugh that faggoty a$$ name of yours ought to do the trick !

  14. Dick Tracy permalink

    Wow how stupid can you get? Clearly DCSO is responsible for the personal information breach. Ironically the media is claiming DCSO released the same personal information about Jack Byrd the day after this threat was issued. If you read the e-mail closely he is not threatening Clark to remove the personal info but remove it all. What is he afraid of? Seeing this presented in Byrd’s case is going to be hilarious. It is a perfect confession of liability and proves they knew it was wrong when they retaliated against Byrd.. Nice story FDH !

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