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The Nashville Scene continues it’s campaign to show THE REAL WARDEN HALL! 

June 23, 2015

We have been telling you since 2012, that Warden Hall is an idiot, he promoted his friends/ crony’s/ donors to positions of power, and they are also idiots. For years, Daron Hall slid under the radar to the news media and citizens of Nashville. To current and former employees, this was common knowledge.. We had over 500,000 views and 1,000 comments in 2 years. FINALLY, the news media is catching on to what a greaseball Warden Hall is, and they are sharing their findings with the citizens of Nashville! We want to thank the Nashville Scene for their diligent work in the Jack Byrd assassination/ smear campaign! Today’s story by the Nashville scene speaks for itself.. What an embarrassment to Warden Hall, his cronies, his family, and his former mistress/current wife Ginger. We would also like to salute Jack Byrd for standing up and speaking out! So many times in the past, good people were victims and they just put their head down and moved on. This is a lesson to EVERY CURRENT EMPLOYEE of the DCSO.. Keep a tape recorder, document/ record meetings with supervisors and know that one day this could be YOU. Stand up and fight when you have to! 

We also would like to note that Melinda McDowell seems to be doing a wonderful job as communications director. following in the footsteps of Karla Weikel Crocker West Gentry Ford. We are sure you were qualified for this position. Finally, Warden Hall has promoted someone who is not a relative of one of his crony’s. 

*Breaking News* we apologize, Melinda McDowell is married to Major James McDowell of the warrants division. So it appears she is in fact a relative of a Warden Hall crony. We hope Jim treats Melinda better than his boss John Taylor treats Jamey. 


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  1. Byron's Sobriety permalink

    Byron remember on the management retreat when you got so pissed off because you were left out of the drinking games that you went and pouted on the back deck of the cabin….# High School Never Ends.

  2. Ray's Vagina permalink

    My busted front butt was ran through by Robert Primm in 2002! – I know the truth.

  3. DaronHall permalink

    Integrity… What????

  4. Cobra Commander permalink

    Melinda looks like Skele-Whore

  5. Jon Craft permalink

    Hey guys I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’ve been banging girls backs out at CDF.

  6. Prince Hall permalink

    Melinda ain’t bad, a little skinny but i would beat it up

  7. Used Car permalink

    I wondered when Ginger was going to get replaced with a newer model. She has a lot of miles on her

    • Prince Hall permalink

      If you start your marriage as a side chic, you better believe someone got promoted once he married you

      • Morons permalink

        So true for many employees

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