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Sexy Deputy Solomon Holley beat up, trying to be a police officer. 

June 17, 2015

Sgt. Solomon Holley just does it get it. Warden Hall’s deputies ARE NOT POLICE OFFICERS! As bad as you may want to be, you are not POST certified, cannot arrest anyone and you should be happy in that role. Holley is known to ride around south Nashville in his personal souped up Impala, looking like a police officer. Last night Holley came to the rescue and attempted to stop a kid stealing beer.. Holley was punched twice and had to call the REAL police. Notice the guy was not charged with assault on an officer, merely assault. Holley you are going to get someone hurt. The Warden’s vehicles have white lights, not blue, even though your personal vehicle may have blue lights. We feel that the Warden’s changing of the mission statement to read ‘as a law enforcement agency..’ may have given deputies the false impression that they are police. You must understand that the Warden was probably trying to get Government Grant money to help pay his Chief’s a little more money or to get Rick Gentry a new 4 wheeler. 


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  1. Hahaha….That piece a sh*t a$$ car got more miles on it than “Karla West Gentry Crocker who gives a damn” and that’s saying alot. This fool Holley is ALL talk NO action.
    He’s known for taking out Orders of Protections and Domestic Fear of Bodily Harm warrants out on females. His pee pee wont stay up without medical assitance (Lavitra anyone.) He lives in Brentwood Oaks for free because they “Think” he is Law Enforcement. He is a waste of air!
    For someone who “works out” supposidly everyday with one of his officers, Bolden, whom he also slept with (ask her ex who was about to beat the brakes off his Ceasar looking a$$) he sure hasnt lost weight nor does he have any muscles. That’s fat! Bwahaha
    I’d slap flames from his sorry a$$ and his hoarding momma too.

  2. Dick Tracy permalink

    He always talks so much crap about “If that happened to me I would kick his ass” I guess reality is a little different than what goes on in that delusional mind. He was hired based on a reference by Jamie Johnson. He claimed they are workout buddies

  3. Barney for Real permalink

    Holley was reported to CDM Admin in 2011 because he used his personal white impala with police lights to block both lanes of traffic on Harding place after an accident an got out in his uniform directing traffic in morning rush hour with all his co-workers watching. I bet money he used the same “personal police car” light’s and all to stop this guy. Someone needs to tell this guy the truth about Holley and the fact that the DCSO is well aware of Holley and has failed to act. If he used his personal police car he should be charged with impersonating a POLICE OFFICER

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