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Warden Hall sends armed warrant officers to Jack Byrd’s house. 

June 12, 2015

Warden Hall does an interview with the news, claiming Jack Byrd will be terminated for ‘blackmailing’ Corky Pearson. We would assume that the Wardens top level legal team advised him of a little thing called due process.. So the Warden decides to give Jack Byrd a ‘disciplinary hearing.’ Normally, HR will contact the individual and have them come pick up their disciplinary paperwork. How did Warden Hall serve Jack Byrd? He decides to send armed warrant officers to Byrd’s house! Not just any armed deputies, but the Lieutenant SORT member Billy Lee and Leo Waters fan club member Tommy Bogle. Was Warden Hall trying to flex his muscle and intimidate Jack Byrd? We have also heard that the DCSO has been withholding information from Byrd, that he requested for his disciplinary hearing? Policy clearly states that you will receive any items requested in order to defend yourself. We always found irony in the fact that the DCSO caters to inmates for fear of a lawsuit.. Yet they harass, intimidate and retaliate on officers without fear. 


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  1. deltaforce permalink

    Yall are being hypocritical on Byrd. Where is the page you had him? It seems to have conveinantly vanished.

    • No, have not been hypocritical of anyone. Jack volunteered for events, for Daron’s campaign and he moved up the ranks accordingly as per Warden Hall’s system. We are NOT a fan of his system. Things have changed. Jack Byrd spoke out against the Warden, and he has been harassed and retaliated against. We are here for the people, for the low level deputies, for the citizens! We will admit, very rarely, if ever will our opinions change of Warden Hall’s administrators.. Jack was a low level deputy. Now that he has been persecuted against, we are here for him.

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