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Warden Hall’s SECRET HARDING PLACE PLANS created in 2013 :)

June 9, 2015


Special thank you to the DCSO administrator who sent us this 40 page packet of Warden Hall’s SECRET jail plans! Nashville citizens were advised of this plan in April 2015.. However the sneaky Warden has been planning this since 2013! What a piece of trash.. 


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  1. spygate2012 permalink

    And yes at HDC the administration is pulling the same thing. calling in officers from post one at a time, with the Lt. and Chris (the hot head) Brown. making them sign the document in favor of the jail move. only the officers that live in the proposed area were called from post leaving us short on the floor for as long as an hour. Shame ,shame on you Chris and Thomas, but you have not guts so it is not a surprise. God only knows what tomorrow will bring, more threats to officers I am sure.

    • Dick Tracy permalink

      Interesting comment. So we have evidence that someone accessed employee’s personal information for political gain. Daron confessing knowledge of the letters and paying the postage on TV. Then you have multiple Administrators telling people to sign pre written political material on duty. Mr Byrd’s application of State law sounds accurate. It seems like we can add Tennessee Code Annotated 39-12-103. Criminal conspiracy.

      (a) The offense of conspiracy is committed if two (2) or more people, each having the culpable mental state required for the offense that is the object of the conspiracy, and each acting for the purpose of promoting or facilitating commission of an offense, agree that one (1) or more of them will engage in conduct that constitutes the offense.

  2. Dick Tracy permalink

    Something else that needs to be investigated at this point is who paid for these blueprints, research, printing, etc…. without the knowledge of anyone from Metro. I wonder if it was paid for by withheld wages of Officers?

  3. LaroyCloyd permalink

    i was just about to say that say 2013. This dude is confident that he’s planned this all along before asking public opinion. Apparently the publics opinion doesn’t matter to him. Hall must go! Hall must go!

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