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CJC will NOT be moving to Harding Place! 

June 9, 2015

Warden Hall tried his best to sneak a 100+ million dollar move of CJC to Harding Place, past the Nashville citizens..  and FAILED! How does it feel Warden, to know that after all your dirty tricks, and dirty politics.. You still couldn’t get the job done? You are a FAILURE! Your house of cards is falling Warden. Your deputies do not respect you, your administrators laugh behind your back, and now the citizens see you for the true piece of trash you are. 

Congratulations to Jack Byrd and SENU! Thank you for your perseverance! 



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  1. Keith Brown permalink

    I have 2 DUI’s and a patronizing prostitution arrest. Such a classy agency

  2. Chris Hampton permalink

    I know Pearson lied, but I did the same thing in court about how many officers run the review docket. whatever I have to do to keep my job as a lazy piece of shit. I don’t have anything else in life. I live in Lake Forrest, and can’t see my dick over my gut

  3. Lew walsher permalink

    One time I was pigeon fishing on the back dock and Joyce Joyner caught me, good times

  4. John Hutchrson permalink

    Sheriff Hall advised Chief John Taylor to send some muscle over to jacks house today to serve his disciplinary hearing papers. Taylor is usually with his girlfriend, but he found time to make a call to SORT member Lt. Billy Lee who took ass kisser extraordinaire Tommy Bogle over to Jack’s residence. I guess they wanted to further harass him by showing up at his house?

  5. Fate Thomas permalink

    Lolololo lol lulz y’all thought I was bad -boss hog voice-

  6. George Powell permalink

    Wtf does the Sheriff need 113,000,000 dollars for to renovate CJC? They already renovated booking, 1st and 2nd floors. Just renovate 3,4,5 that should only be 10-20 million to add new cells. Sheriff messed up this entire thing himself. He should have told the public in 2013 he needed a new jail.

  7. Cjc third shift permalink

    Damn man I supported the move. I work at Cjc and I live In Smyrna. Daron you fuvked this move up thanks

  8. Carla permalink

    Sorry the vote didn’t pass honey. Come see me later I’ll give you some more of these goodies. Your so much better than Dan in bed.

  9. Toney Flatt permalink

    I wish I still worked there I
    Have a rusty Swiss Army knife

  10. Big Lew permalink

    Daron, if you would have presented this to the people a year ago in the correct manor this move could have easily passed council vote. Instead, you presented it in April and already hadn’t ground breaking set for July. Then you have the gall to force deputies to sign letters to councilmen, the same damn letter! Like the councilmen won’t know what happened. Then you fire a guy who doesn’t agree with you. Did someone recommend these tactics to you, or did you think of it on your own? Either way you are a damn fool!

  11. GreyGoose permalink

    A strong statement made by city council.

  12. Here you go permalink

    Pride is the doorway to destruction. It feeds the ego and inflates the self esteem. Failure can lead to a greater life, but the humbling yourself and seeking the Lord begins with the changing heart. Seek and you will find. Continue the destructive path and something’s are worse than death.

    • Feggns permalink

      Shut up Clark you liar you never wNt unconcious

      • deltaforce permalink

        Jerry Clark is a lying POS trolling this site. MOVE ON.

      • Ghost of Dover past permalink

        Can anyone help me? According to my snitch contract I have to lie about two more Officers. Can anyone help me think of something to say about Jack? I don’t think there is anything I have done that I can blame on him

      • Philipe Dover permalink


      • Jamie Johnson permalink

        Cothron I will fuck u up for taking da pictures of me at the gym

      • Cobra Commander permalink

        I’ve sat in silence long enough dammit! I’m back! Everyone watch out! I’m gonna take out all the anger that I took out on the remote control that was slipped in my gun belt when I broke it on the wall at CDC!


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