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Jack Byrd SPEAKS! 

June 8, 2015


There will be a protest tomorrow 6-9-2015 4pm at city hall! 


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  1. Baba permalink

    I wish I could remember what year it was, but I’ll say 2004, there was a meeting in the Admin building, and some guy from finance (?) came out to speak to us and literally told us how to vote in the upcoming election. I knew then my days there were numbered. There was no way I could stay associated with that organization.

    I knew if I complained I’d be shown the door.

  2. TheRealJackByrd permalink

    If only one other person who thought the letters weren’t right would speak up this would be a done deal for the Sheriff. I know of many who have complained but none have risen to the occasion

  3. Baba permalink

    Best of luck, Jack. The Sheriff’s Office forced me out 10 years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. What a collection of misfits, losers and criminals. When I worked there I could count the people I could trust on one hand. I hope you’re able to expose these idiots.

  4. Max permalink

    Who hasn’t messed with Karla……seems the place is falling in around them. One domino after another.

  5. Daron's ex wife permalink

    How can anyone trust Daron? He cheated on me and left me for his coworker Ginger! The place is a sess pool I heard Daron even messed with Karla and that’s why he wanted to get rid of Dan. Daron thinks that sending our kids to MBA will make everything ok.

  6. MASTER permalink

    Darin hall is a racist son if a bitch! He needs to resign because he is so damn stopid!

  7. Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

    WOW! The house of cards are falling Daron!

  8. Dick Tracy permalink

    If the Officer’s who signed on duty and do not report it would that make them complicit in the crime? I know Officer’s who witnessed other’s approached on duty by Pearson to sign the form’s at court

  9. Here you go permalink

    Count the felonies you find, not to mention misdemeanors, criminal acts, policy violations and gutter ethical standards- fight the good fight! Be a light, a city on a hill that can not be hidden. Know former Lt McLeod, Sgt Dixon, Weikal and others have one mistake in common, they targeted God’s children. Wake up, repent and ask God’s children to pray for you. The Lord told me once we can hate their garments but pull them from the fire. Hate the evil they do but love the person! Time is short

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