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Corley Pearson, Warden Hall’s henchman? 

June 8, 2015

Corley Pearson, head of Warden Hall’s armed services division appears to have been called in to assassinate Jack Byrd.  Byrd was the DCSO’s ambassador of the year and a loyal DCSO deputy. All of that changed when he spoke out against Warden Hall’s plan to move CJC to southeast Nashville. Allegedly, Pearson called Byrd into his office and asked him to sign the prewritten letter to Byrd’s councilmen, in favor of the jail relocation. Byrd voiced concerns over signing the letter and IRONICALLY, Pearson claimed Byrd BLACKMAILED him!? Warden Hall has made remarks in the media that Byrd’s credibility had been In question. Yes, the man Warden Hall named his ambassador of the year, has had ‘credibility issues?’ Does Warden Hall think the citizens are idiots? This appears to be a case of workplace harassment and retaliation! 

Ironically, this is not Pearson’s first time assassinating a good, loyal deputy. June 6, 2012.. A month or so after Cpl. Nate Shearon signed up for a lawsuit vs. Daron Hall, he was forced to take 28 inmates into a courtroom alone.. And a use of force took place. Allegedly, while his Sgt. Chris Hampton enjoyed a nice lunch with other deputies. Allegedly, Pearson was then given the job of assassinating Shearon by Warden Hall and Chief John Ford. Shearon advised Pearson that he was forced to manage too many Inmates. We can confirm that 2-3 deputies normally handle this many Inmates in court. Pearson allegedly ‘LOST’ the courtroom video which showed the inmate attempting to attack the judge and bite the corporal, instead only used the video of the end of the use of force in the back holding area. We have heard that allegedly Shearon recorded his meeting with Pearson and Pearson stated ‘I know you were put in a bad spot, that is not your fault’ and ‘the guy deserved to get hit in the mouth, I’ve hit plenty of motherfuckers in the mouth!’ Among other damaging statements. 

If anyone’s credibility is in question, it is Corley Pearson, Warden Hall’s lap dog.. NOT Jack Byrd, who was the ambassador of the year and employee of the month. 

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  1. Blue permalink

    Administration you thought wrong ! This site has plenty of current n former and ( retired) officers. Justice needs to be served! This administration has done too many people wrong! While thinking were fooling the public n metro that this sheriff’s office is so great. Lies….

  2. Mrs. Corley Ford permalink

    Corley you koolaide
    drinking pussy. How about I tell every about you getting knocked the fuck out at Wilhagans.

  3. Freakscomeoutatnight permalink

    We’re coming Hall we’re coming! The buzzards are circling. We told you more than two years ago but you won’t listen. This isn’t some lone wolf mad at the department but a conglomerate of former and current personnel who are/were fed up with your dirty politics. We have so much more to share with the citizens of Davidson county. Do yourself a favor and high tail it on out of there. We’re not going to stop.

  4. TheRealJackByrd permalink

    This man is a coward. He is a liar. Corley you betrayed me. You thought you could save your soul by selling it to the Sheriff. You were wrong. In the coming weeks and months you will be unemployed and isolated by your peers. What happened here is called strategic staging. I set the stage and you did the acting. I merely was a spectator. Now that the show is over it’s time for everyone including the media to hear our conversation. Corley I trusted you! Jack K. Byrd III

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