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Officer alleges Daron Hall forced him to sign jail relocation petition. 

June 5, 2015
Well well.. Another deputy speaks out against the evil Warden. Jack Byrd, who was featured earlier on our blog, claims he spoke out against signing the jail relocation, and was later placed on leave. The irony in this story, like John Bass before him, Byrd has learned that no matter how many boots you lick, how many events you volunteer for, how much ass kissing you do, the evil Warden will stab you in the back the FIRST TIME YOU QUESTION HIM! You may be loyal to the Warden, but he is not loyal to you! 

Deputies, ask yourselves.. How many times have you seen Warden Hall in a uniform? 


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  1. Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

    Daron Hall is not a real
    sheriff. A real Sheriff wears a uniform and Is respected by his deputies! This guy is a clown in a cheap suit. A power hungry weak little man who has never been on the front lines.

  2. TheHallMonitor permalink

    My question is this. What is the purpose of the letters? Of course the staff who live in the area are going to be all for that change. Hall we told you we wasn’t going to stop until you’re gone.

  3. @therealbignate permalink

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I signed up for Mike Murphy’s lawsuit and within weeks Pearson called me in to investigate an old use of force, that had already been approved. The funny part is I recorded Pearson and McClure talking to me for 20 minutes after they turned their recorders off. I also have text messages and recordings from Hampton, Randy Davis corroborating my story. I knew the civil service board and law judge would side with the Sheriff, so I saved it. When I finally use this information in federal court, I’ll make sure it’s on every media outlet. What’s sad, is I am a fucking soldier, and loyal as a Rottweiler. I would have ran through a brick wall for them, then lied for them if ever asked about it. These sorry mother fuckers don’t care about you, your loyalty, your family, your kids, nothing except themselves. I truly feel sorry for everyone still working there. I make 65,000 a year driving a damn oil truck around nashville, working out, getting haircuts and eating at twin peaks every day. Everyone who played a part in screwing me over, thank you it was a blessing, but also fuck you, fuck your families, I won’t rest until you feel the stress and pain you caused me and my family. That’s a promise, you know I am a soldier.

    • Please make sure we are the first to receive your audio! We still have all the text messages you sent is in 2013.. Just waiting for your approval 🙂

    • Jason Martin permalink

      They fucked you Big Dog! No way are you supposed to take 28 Inmates into a courtroom by yourself. Hampton should have sent one of those lazy ass basement dwellers to help you! I heard Hampton lied to the judge and said one officer to take 28 inmates into court is normal lol! What a POS!

  4. Dick Tracy permalink If you go to this link, click on the left arrow the third picture and beyond you will notice employees including Jack Byrd working on Daron’s election. the person posting the pictures writes on them that all of those employees are working on 3/22/14 which is a Saturday. If you look at the date stamp it clearly shows the pictures where uploaded on 3/21/14 which is a Friday. Where all these employees working for Daron election while on the clock?

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