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Deputies desperate for promotions, beg councilmen to approve CJC relocation? 

May 31, 2015


We reported that allegedly Warden Hall and his cronies are ‘asking’ deputies who live in the Antioch area to support the CJC relocation to Harding place. Here is proof that Deputies are sending letters to councilmen. Interesting that the deputy claims the relocation WILL SAVE TAX PAYERS MONEY? LOL how will that work? The move will cost allegedly hundreds of millions of dollars!? Warden Hall already blew tax payers money to build ORC, which was a sess pool of officers sleeping with inmates, then was closed. OF COURSE Warden Hall wants less officers to run his facilities, therefore his cronies can line there pockets a little more! Rick Gentry needs another ATV to ride around in. 


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  1. LowerAntioch permalink

    Save us all some money and get the hell on Daron Hall. Leave that jail alone. Why do you care where its at? Move it to your neighborhood. You and Karl Dean need to get somewhere.

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