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*Breaking* New Info on Dan Weikel’s ‘resignation?’

May 29, 2015

As we alleged earlier, Dan Weikel is said to have cursed, and possibly challenged to fight a member of the Tennessee Correctional Institute. Shocking new information from a supervisor in the DCSO claims that the TCI member is none other than Don Crownover, former DCSO training director. Crownover openly campaigned for Leo Waters and was a victim of Warden Hall’s retaliation. Allegedly Crownover was doing his job, auditing CJC and Weikel became hostile with him. We must say this is poetic justice for Don Crownover, as he has now auditing CJC after being fired by Warden Hall. 


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  1. Goateeforchins permalink

    I mean, dude lost his temper – a lot…… I would definitely feed him my table scraps over JJ any day , however out of line is out of line, unfortunate all around. Rob must have shit when he heard….. it’s hard to imagine being able to have a sterling record when employed in that capacity- whoever said Kane should get the job . nice thought but man- who could do a better job of making the cadets feel good about what they are getting into? Will? HT? Gise????lol (too much)!!!!! idk it’s a mess around that place- nuff said

  2. Nathan Hobbs permalink

    Lmao hey dan remrmber when you got catfished on Facebook? You were drunk and the girl had you drive to Shoneys at 1am? Well it was me, and I called 911 and told them a grey Kia was at Shoneys with a belligerent drunk driving, metro pulled up 3 minutes after you left.

  3. Laroy Cloyd permalink

    Now this is soooo funny!! Karma is running rampant on him. Dan this is what happens when you become a company man. The same threats you put on your staff have come full circle. Next time try treating people with some respect. You were an employee just like everybody else but more than anything, you put your pant on like everyone else, one leg at a time. I dont feel sorry one bit. Your ass should have been fired for threatening a subordinate. They should have walked you out right then but they continued to let you cut your own throat. Sometimes in Corrections the guy that gets a promotion is really the guy they want to get rid of.

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