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*ATTENTION* Dan Weikel

May 29, 2015




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  1. Goateeforchins permalink

    I mean, dude lost his temper – a lot…… I would definitely feed him my table scraps over JJ any day , however out of line is out of line, unfortunate all around. Rob must have shit when he heard….. it’s hard to imagine being able to have a sterling record when employed in that capacity- whoever said HK should get the job, (Great Guy) nice thought but man- who could do a better job of making the cadets feel good about what they are getting into? lol Will? HT? Gise????lol (too much)!!!!! idk it’s a mess around that place- as far as getting catfished lol (Johnny lee) lookin for love…….lmfao I would say maybe Dcso just needs a GOP sheriff they tried that down at RCSO but damn – no smoking on this unit lol

  2. Nathan Hibbs permalink

    Dan I will come into McDonalds and FUCK YOU UP! I know Tom David broke out in hives when you threatened him for porking your fat ass slit wife, but I didn’t back down. I’ll stomp a mud hole in you

  3. haveityourway permalink

    Need to get one of these for Ford as well. One can be on fries and the other on the window.

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