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Dan Weikel resigns from the DCSO?

May 21, 2015

  Rumors are swirling that everyone favorite ‘ticket fixer’ Dan ‘better than a cop’ Weikel has allegedly RESIGNED from the Sheriff’s Office. We have literally received 10 messages about this rumor in the past 24hours, a few were from high ranking supervisors. We can only speculate as to why Weikel resigned. One rumor is that Weikel verbally assaulted members of the Tennessee Correctional Institute and a member recorded his tirade. Another rumor is that Weikel is continuing to follow Karla around like a sick lost puppy, as she continues to allegedly sleep with different men. Another plausible rumor is that the rat known as Jamie Johnson has been campaigning behind Weikel’s back to get his job. These are merely speculation and rumor. 

Weikel has had a tumultuous career, from alleged financial problems, drinking problems, being catfished and claiming to be ‘better than a cop’ and he would use his authority to ‘get out of a DUI,’ to ticket fixing, to obsessing over female coworkers, to violating policy by entering a cell to assault an image and spilling coffee all over the poor guy, to leading the charge in harassing and retaliating against officers, to challenging subordinate Nathan Hibbs to a fight (Pick on someone your own size Dan.) 
One thing that is not a rumor, many current and former deputies find the thought of Weikel resigning HILARIOUS! 

Daron, please do not promote Jamie Johnson to Weikel’s position. Why replace one trainwreck with another? Heath Kane deserves this position, As he is one of the only true GOOD PEOPLE in your upper management! 


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  1. Blue permalink

    Dan and Jamie are so arrogant. Abuse of power always gets you eventually. Jamie your next….

  2. Jon Bass permalink

    Hey dan,

    rest in piss you no good coward pussy mother fucker! I wish you nothing but bad in life, you are an idiot and I fucking loser. You will never find love, nobody likes you, you look like chewed up bubble gum with bitch tits and bad credit. Wherever you find work at, this blog will follow you and haunt you. Just move back to Butler with the rest of the Browns fans faggot!

  3. Frankie permalink

    I guess I’ll never get paid for my honda now

  4. Deputy permalink

    Oh jack didn’t you just wreck another metro vehicle?
    Why do you carry 4 magazines on your belt?

  5. Jack "Me Off" Byrd permalink

    Damn. All that ass-kissing wasted.

    • Jon Taylor permalink

      No jack you will kiss my ass now and help me cheat more on Jamie

  6. fixmyticket permalink

    Couldnt have happened to a more deserving guy! Well Danny boy you got to big for you britches and finally picked on the wrong guy. P.S. JJ got your job now. Im sure those officers are breathing a big sigh today. You’re a loser.

  7. Deputy permalink

    How the hell did romana Johnson make SGT??? She is dumber than a bag of rocks

    • joejoe permalink

      That is exactly what they want! They do not want a smart person in a upper position because that person will be to smart and wont fall for they crap, lies and law breaking

  8. Tevis permalink

    I can get you a job at TDOC with me and Maki. We make 22k a year, it’s not bad plus all the pussy you want!

  9. K Will permalink

    Jamie is at hooters a few days a week on duty. He was bragging on how he was gonna set up Dan like he did me!

  10. Butler, PA permalink

    We are so embarrassed of Dan and how he has turned out. He was the biggest Browns fan as a child/ teen and switched to the Steelers because they win. You are not a real steelers fan Dan go eat a bullet

  11. big Lou permalink

    Will you FINALLY fight me now Dan? Ou big coward

  12. In the know permalink

    The TCI has been busting Weikel’s chops about fire checks and other things. Weikel is only concerned with harassing officers and protecting the ones who suck his limp noodle

  13. Roberts permalink

    Well there goes my career down the toilet. I would have been fired years ago if not for Dan saving me

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