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*UPDATE* Man escapes from warrant officers 

May 14, 2015

DCSO Warrant officers arrive to serve an eviction.. The ‘suspect’ answers at the door (he is not on the eviction notice.) DCSO warrant officers claim he was ‘fidgety’ so he was searched, and a small bag of marijuana was found. Deputies then cuffed the ‘suspect’ and he fled the scene. 

Does the warrant officers realize that they are NOT POST CERTIFIED POLICE OFFICERS? If the ‘suspect’ was not in the eviction notice, why were they searching him? They could not even succeed in arresting a man with 10$ of weed LOL! We would speculate these were a few ‘friends’ of administration and they will be praised for their failed ‘citizens arrest’ which led to hundreds to thousands of scared citizens, police involvement, helicopters, K9 dogs and thousands of tax payer dollars. 

Remember this is the same DCSO in which Sgt Farley of CJC hid a pretty inmates heroin to avoid her getting in trouble, yet warrant officers play police in the streets with white lights and no POST arrest powers. 



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  1. Cobra Commander permalink

    I heard it was HAROLD TURKS who done this? Is he not the guy who was going in duty to rental properties scaring the people? What a pos this guy is. He can’t even walk he has no ACL in either knee lol. He always down talks everyone and plays police.

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