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John Ford ‘stressed’ out over Firedaronhall blog? 

May 14, 2015

Friends in upper management have alleged that John Ford is upset, stressed and ‘obsessed’ with the firedaronhall blog. Ford has noticeably lost a lot of weight and looks much older over the past few years. Ford’s actions also show a man in turmoil.. In the past year Ford has allegedly ordered several investigations of the blog and current officers who send Information to the blog. Ford has suspended officers, stripped them from SORT/ armed services just for rumors of their affiliation with the blog. Ford is alleged to bring up the blog constantly in supervisor meetings, even allegedly referring to  the blog as ‘people fired by daron hall.’ Little does Chief Ford know that current employees started the blog as they were tired of the unprofessional actions by administrators. 

We have a message for Chief Ford.. 
Please google ‘John Ford DCSO Nashville’ 75% of the first page is links to Google ‘Daron Hall Sheriff’ and you will find the same results. The EMPLOYEES have spoken! You are known as a COWARD, a ‘REMF’ and you are laughed at, not respected. You allow your administrators to harass, and retaliate against your front line officers. You do not hold your administrator to the same standard as your officers. 

The employees of the DCSO have spoken! 


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  1. NattyDreads permalink

    What does this clown do that warrants him to make over 100,000 a year?

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