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Karla West Crocker Weikel resigns? 

May 4, 2015

Everyone’s favorite waste of a paycheck, Karla West Weikel Davis Crocker Gentry has allegedly resigned from the DCSO. Karla is best known for allegedly sending Daron Hall to speak at a white supremecist luncheon, as well as marrying and dating multiple fellow DCSO employees. By our calculations, Karla is only one of many ‘waste of a paycheck’s in Warden Hall’s office.. But one gone is a good start! We would speculate that DARON has a mistress, or relative ready to take her place. 
Please stay tuned, as MAY should he a big month for Warden Hall and the DCSO 😉


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  1. Max permalink

    So what is the real deal here? Did someone’s wife find out or just simply ran out of guys or had worked her way to the top? Has to be more on this……

  2. John Chesty Forde permalink

    Why does everyone call me a coward and an REMF? I have the hardest hand shake in the agency. And if anyone is wondering me and Christopher brown had lap band surgery.

  3. Lew Crocker permalink

    Carla looked like an Arby’s roast beef gyro

  4. Thom Davis permalink

    Carla cheated on Dan with me. That fat drunk tried to confront me at work. I told that slingblade looking mf if beat his ass like Lew Crocker did

  5. Ric gentrey permalink

    Carla was decent in bed but she always left her shirt on to hide her gunt. Has anyone seen my new 4 wheeler?

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