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Capt. Gilbert’s security division is a MESS?

March 16, 2015

We have received allegations from a source inside the security division, that Sgt. Holley and Sgt. Cooks use their patrol cars to go home and to females houses while on duty?! Allegedly they are hard to reach on their phones and Capt. Wakenhut had to implement a rounds sheet at every post for the Sergeants to sign daily. Sgt. Holley has NUMEROUS pictures on his various dating/ social media sites in uniform.. Is that not a violation of the new ‘’ policy… I mean the ‘social media’ policy? 


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  1. The Ghost of Wilford Ratton permalink

    When can we see that punk ass coon Uncle Tom negro Jamie Johnson on here? He is a lying, conniving, piece of shit! He lives at hooters, you should hang out and get pics of him there. He’s already been busted working out on duty. Philip Dover took pics of him and blamed it on Cothron.

  2. Steven permalink

    Will someone please tell this guy he is not a cop.

  3. Freddy Hammond permalink

    Why is Everyone so quick to listen to lies that a SCORN & JEALOUS Woman is writing on this Blog about SGT Holley? It is obvious who it is or she wouldn’t keep everything so anonymous. Yes some of the facts may be accurate ( His Biological Father did have a record.) Who doesn’t have family members that we are ashamed of? The crimes that his father did has nothing to do with the capabilities of him performing his Job Description. I am sorry to say the Department would not allow such actions that She is claiming to continue or even take place. She can state that it is covered up but the fact remains no one will jeopardize their income for their family to continue to cover up for one person in a sea of many. Think about it!!! All you are doing is tainting the image of Law Enforcement while trying to damage Sgt. Holley’s image. If YOU wasn’t so obsessed with him and what he is doing or who he is with, your energy might be able to be used for some good in the community. Everyone knows that drug testing is required so why is it so hard to accept that maybe he has put in MANY hours of hard work to get where he Is? This is foolish you are now dragging other people into your accusations in an effort to hurt Sgt. Holley. You may need to consult with someone to help you through your issues. I will Pray for you and those families that you are so desperately trying to hurt because you are damaged inside. Why else would you spend so much time searching the internet on this ONE person? I am sure you will retaliate with stupidity I would expect nothing less from you.

    • Bass permalink

      Freddy Hammond? LOL This is obviously a self post by Holley! Sir, they do not drug test for steroids, everyone knows that! You are a worthless Sergeant and Gilbert is even more worthless as a Captain. Remember when you took pics of the SORT team training and you posted pics as if you were on the team LOL! Your not in LAW ENFORCEMENT, are you POST certified? Can you arrest someone? No, you observe and report, you are a fake cop, just like Daron Hall and everyone else wearing a DCSO uniform. You guys barely make 30 grand a year, what family are you supporting with that?

    • The Ghost of Wilford Ratton permalink

      Shutup Holley! Everyone on Harding place thinks your a cop! You ride around in your fake cop mobile. I gear you pulled over Jeffery keyster and he/she recognized you from the jail and cussed you out. And you got outta CDF just in time.. Was that baby yours? Good thing blackford didn’t find out you were fucking his gf too LOL!

  4. Security officer permalink

    Also Captain Gilbert can not even shoot a weapon how the hell does he have a job!?

  5. Security officer permalink

    Holley is a fu^*ing joke! All he does is brag about steroids and all the dirty pu%^y he gets!

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