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Racist email by Sgt. Travis Bertram to be featured on WSMV I team TONIGHT! *UPDATED*

February 25, 2015


We would like to personally thank the brave fellow deputy who sent us the email by Travis Bertram! The email will now be featured on WSMV I-Team by Jeremy Finley. Over the past few years we have received over 100 alleged reports from inside the Sheriff’s office, many that we have not featured. We will do our best to ensure every one is investigated by local, national media, the NAACP, attorneys or whoever else.



WSMV I-Team part 2

Sgt. Travis Bertram was suspended one day for the racist emails.. That is correct people.. No demotion, no 5 day suspension.. Bertram was suspended ONE DAY!

Also, we can not help from wonder WHO Karla Whateverhernameisnow is dating currently?


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  1. wtf permalink

    Shit, I was suspended three days for having my cell phone in my see through mesh backpack even though it was off and it was in a secure location

  2. Blue permalink

    That’s exactly it. Lies , cover ups and retaliation is what this fake department is about . Unprofessional!! Hall you will never be mayor . To much truth/dirt on you !!

  3. Meet the Fakers permalink

    I’ve worked for 3 different companies and this is the most unprofessional administration I’ve ever seen. They are full of lies and cover ups and all a bunch of fakes. Why do you think the sheriff did not run for mayor ask anyone including judges-attorneys and they know about this blog and laugh at him. He’s knows all this dirt and more would have came out on him and been made public. The police chief wears a uniform and holds his administration accountable, the fire chief wears a uniform and hold his administration accountable, our sheriff is a JOKE! And to this blog… Once again “thanks for what you do”

  4. Max permalink

    It appears Ms West Rich Crocker Weikel West has run out of people to “associate” with at DCSO. Isn’t she leaving the department?? SOOOO many names on this list……..

  5. Small Paws permalink

    When can we see the girl bodenfraum on here? She wore a Dcso inmate jumpsuit on Halloween and posted it all over Facebook.

  6. Blue permalink

    This sheriff’s office is so unprofessional !! Yet the administration thinks they are professional.
    Anybody with above intelligence coming out of the academy can see the fake atmosphere. Fake and unprofessional…

  7. Titus Oneil permalink

    Karla give it up to Dan and Lou and supposedly gentry and tom Davis when she gon give a brotha a shot man I know Dan got a tiny wiener white wet dog smellin mayo smellin son if a gun

  8. Dover permalink

    Lmfao!!! William Cothron was suspended 5 days, stripped from SORT, stripped from armed services from commenting on this blog!

  9. BLACK COMMUNITY permalink

    One day suspension!!! What a FUCKING JOKE! People have received demotions and terminations for less! Fuck DARON HALL and the DCSO RACIST BASTARD!

  10. Deputy 3rd shift permalink

    I came out of the last cadet class and work Cjc 3rd shift. I cannot believe the shit that goes on here. wtf am I doing in this hell hole? Lol! I am applying everywhere for another job. I came from a military background and I expected these upper managers to have morals!

    • Baba permalink

      I also came from the military and expected some sort of professionalism. Wow. The fish really does rot from the head down.

  11. Yummy in my tummy permalink

    Look at Karla Weikel Crocker Davis Gentry West. How are you supposed to be respected when you drop your bloomers for multiple men from within your own agency? You are a joke Karla and everyone laughs at you. Also the entire agency knows about Ford/ Frangos/ Sheila Morgan and John Taylor and his whores. Fuck you all! 4 more years and I’m out 🙂

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