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Ruby Joyner takes to social media to support arrested deputy!?

February 9, 2015

Sgt. Donald Dixon of the armed services division was arrested this past weekend for allegedly going in uniform, on duty, armed, to his estranged wife’s house and burglarizing it. It is alleged that once inside he clutched his weapon, assaulted her new boyfriend, strangled his soon to be ex wife, then threw a chair breaking the drywall. All of this allegedly happened ON DUTY! We know that things happen, and we will let the court system handle Mr. Dixon.. However, why in the world would a DCSO ADMINISTRATOR take to news channel 5’s Facebook to take up for Dixon!? Is this not a violation of the DCSO’s new ‘social media policy?’ Or will Mrs. ‘Jean Jeanie’ Joyner get a pass because Daron is already using her to protect his ‘racist’ image?




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  1. ANOTHER permalink

    Sgt Dixon had a squad. Ask Peralta who sent him to attack Clark. Also ask IA Franklin who ordered him to cover it up. Both served together under Sgt Dixon. Also guess who reported Dixon to the Captain that resulted in his 5 day suspension. Yep Clark. Curious how Dixon had Dover lie so bad.

  2. Yes that is Sgt. Holley’s now deceased father. The child molester!

  3. How is it Dixon got suspended, but Sexy (not) Sgt. Holley has been in 2 domestic situations and 9 finger let him continue to “work” (he was stuck up 9 finger’s azz for the entire time.) Sgt. Cooks had to come in on his off days cause that sleezy Bastiid (Holley) was suxin’ Gilbert off during the daytime. DCSO takes care of who they want to take care of….Holley still taking them steroids I see….lol

  4. Cobra Commander permalink

    Pillow can sell them DVDS on duty though SMH

  5. 2nd shift Cpl permalink

    I blame this on Mark Mcclure and Corley Pearson. Both are lazy as damn hell and don’t do shit but play on the internet and do nothing. Dixon has zero leadership. He does what he wants on third shift and has no fear of reprisal. He fucks around on duty every night and when he can’t he gets grumpy and pissy with everyone. At the end of the day it’s the Captain’s fault. If a team doesn’t perform, you hold the head coach responsible.

  6. Dover permalink

    I’ve been telling y’all that the DCSO has too many ghetto ass black people working here. Dixon, pillow and the rest of them! We got one down, 500 more to go.

    GOD DAMMIT who put a remote control in my holster? Excuse me guys, I have to call AK with an update.

    • Tony Flatt permalink

      Shutup Dover you are the biggest low life yellow belly rat bastard I’ve ever met. You have went to IA on me, Cox, Tevis, Cothron, Carpenter, pillow and many more. You act like your job is a game of survivor. You will learn, like Bass did, eventually it will turn around on you! Guess you can go claim disability for PTSD from the military. Even though all you did was hear up beans for the troops.

  7. Aunt Esther permalink

    Now wait just a chickin pickin minute aint we been told from day one not to comment on media issues wit the dcso. Dis administration nothin but a bunch of Fish Eyed Fools!

  8. Retired Deputy permalink

    Anything less than termination will be a travesty. Dixon has been in trouble SO many times from computer usage, to sleeping, arguments with coworkers, abusing inmates. The fact that he even went over there in uniform, on duty is grounds for termination.

    • Gentleman Jack permalink

      It all depends on who you know! Harold Turks allegedly went and threatened a tenant in a rental property while on duty and he wasn’t fired. Dixon is allowed a lunch break, maybe the ex called him over there on lunch and it was a set up.

      • We agree Jack, Dixon is on the front line and has never been known to be a snitch or boot licker. Hopefully he will beat the charges and be reinstated. HOWEVER, if he is terminated, it will be a blessing for him. A very good friend of the blig made 63,000$ last yar driving a truck locally.

  9. ReddFoxx permalink

    Oj was a good guy too. Thats just damn dumb! You Big Dummy!!

  10. Jean Jeanie permalink

    Favor ain’t fair

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