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Racist email from Sgt. Travis Betram!?

January 25, 2015






We received this troubling email that was sent out by DCSO Sgt. Travis Bertram in October 2013. The email contained about 10-12 more racially charged photos and was sent to a large portion of DCSO staff.


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  1. Sgt. Bertram is either A. a racist or B. A complete moron for sending this racist material out over his DCSO computer to subordinates. The worst thing is that two of our fellow deputies were suspended FIVE days just for admitting they commented on this blog! One was stripped of his weapon and kicked off SORT.

  2. SOF Medic permalink

    DCSO Sgt…I was deployed with Sgt Bertram and I guarantee you we weren’t on a beach. We had a racially diverse team and Travis was not a racist. Sounds like you’re upset he went to serve his country and your schedule had to be changed…

  3. Barry Kidd's Huge Head permalink

    Can you send this to the news? This should get people looking in the right direction to see what this office is really about.

  4. DCSO Sgt permalink

    I’ve been a Sergeant for 12 years. The worse year of my life was when I was pardnered with Bertram. He was gone playing Air Force at a beach somewheres and our sorry ass administration put me on tues and weds off.

  5. Ku Klux Klan permalink

    Oh come on.. Warden Hall does not care, he probably laughed at these pictures. Remember this is the Warden who spoke to a white supremacist organization, banned black hairstyles, sent post cards to inner city community mocking loved ones in jail…

    Oh but wait, he created a made up position for Uncle Tom Tom Tony Wilkes and a few other blacks, so it’s ok!

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