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PHILIP DOVER is BACK and he appears to be upset about 12 hour shifts.

January 22, 2015


We have recently received a plethora of emails in regards to an alleged switch to 12 hours shifts for all employees by Warden Daron Hall starting July, 2015. The emails were very informative and allege that low employee count and high turnover by the Deputies has lead to this desperate action by Warden Hall. While all of our posts are rumor or satire, we still look into allegations to ensure we aren’t receiving falsehoods by a ‘double agent.’ Upon review of the emails, IP addresses etc, it appears that the informer is none other than ‘Cobra commander’ Philip Dover. We have been burned by Dover in the past, and will not let it happen again. Dover allegedly sent us information on Thomas Pillow, Tanya Chesser, Christopher Mcutcheon and Jamie Johnson n the past.. Only to turn on his friends and tell internal affairs that others were the culprits. If the Warden is proposing 12 hours shifts, we would like Warden Hall to know that Philip Dover seems to be very upset about it! If others are upset about the 12 hour shifts, we would advise you to RUN FOR THE HILLS! The Warden pays you 30k a year, while his cronies make triple that for riding around in 4 wheelers (Rick Gentry) or taking a 2 hour walk around downtown at lunch (Tom Schwarz.)

Dover, please do what is required by your Warden and complete a SAIR report as soon as possible.




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  1. Ghost of Jerry Newsomeb permalink

    Has anyone seen the cadet classes of the past two years? OMG the DCSO is no different than TDOC! I have seen the most ghetto, fat, sloppy, out of shape, old people damn near on walkers, they will hire anyone these days! No doubt they have to go to 12 hour shifts, because they can’t keep anyone. John Ford has allowed his narcissistic egotistical administrators run off all of the good people.

    • Anonymous permalink

      The leaders of this world are no different then the past. They have hardened hearts and continue in their evil ways. The Lord hears the cry of His children… It’s also why we pray for those who persecute us. God has the answer and He sits on the right hand holding the keys.

  2. Snake in the grass permalink

    Lol this is funny. Dover is just a selfish person. He wants to be a part of something, but then when the going gets tough he sells out his own friends. He should be ashamed of what had happened to Cothron. Cothron is a good dude and a loyal friend.

  3. Chel Rey permalink

    Dover, please fill out your SAIR report and come see us. We can make a deal. We just want to know what policy violations the ASD members are making. You know, like you did with Cothron? Don’t worry we will take care of you. We have plenty of chocolate cake with vanilla icing 🙂

  4. Anonymous permalink

    LOL, really! See you soon. Don’t forget chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.

    • J Brown permalink

      Lol Dover is a douche! I put a remote control in his holster one night. He was so mad and embarrassed that he smashed it against the wall at CWC. Dover has snitched on all his coworkers, I can’t believe people even talk to him.

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