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Do not join the SEIU!

January 14, 2015


Please meet (pictured above) Robert Gilmer. Gilmer, is a DCSO officer and a SEIU representative. Gilmer often solicits cadets, and others about joining his great group the SEIU.. What Gilmer does not tell you, is that he is a devout follower of CJC’s boozing, womanizing, retaliatory administrator Dan Weikal. Anything said in confidence to Gilmer, we would speculate will be told to Weikal! Robert Gilmer is one of the worst kinds of people.. Allegedly, He likes to play both sides of the fence, while stirring the pot every where he goes. In our humble opinion, Gilmer is nothing more than a brown nosing, boot licking, chameleon. Please refrain from joining the SEIU! They are in DARON HALL’s POCKET!!! The SEIU represents custodians, why would deputies want their services!?


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  1. Clarissa Cross permalink

    If you are looking for a better job with better pay come work for the Federal Government

  2. Clarissa Cross permalink

    The SEIU is a joke and so are the people like Gilmer who work for them. Before I was terminated he tried to get me to resign. ..for going to pay a ticket? ? Tony Wilkes used him to try to get me to resign. When I was terminated they would not represent me on my appeal. After paying my dues for 7 years. You are better off representing yourself anyway. If you are facing any type of disciplinary with the DCSO and you don’t agree with it APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL. The Civil Service commission will do the right thing if you can prove your case, Metro is tired of losing money because of the DCSO. Document everything. Read the policies and write a briefing. Please never forget that all emails are public records and you can go ask to research them anytime. If anyone ever needs help with a case you can contact me @

    • Clarissa, it is SICKENING that you were terminated fot wearing a eork jacket to pat a ticket.. When DCSO administrator Tom Schwarz fixed tickets for several cronies.. Including two for Dan Weikal

  3. Braveheart permalink

    Dan is so brave he was able to drag a suicidal inmate out of the cell by one hand and keep his hot cup of coffee in the other. There was a witness, video and it was documented. Unprofessional. Against policy. Pathetic management. How many screw ups does this bad seed get. Any one of us would have been fired!

    • To Dan permalink

      Dan, I know you read this blog incessantly. You are a big sloppy weak hearted little bitch who can’t manage a bank account, a marriage or your alcoholism. Karla cheated on you and left you because you suck at life. You bounced a check to Frankie Richardson for a honda you bought. You are deathly afraid of any male who is younger, smarter, better looking or could physically manhandle you. You have an ego the size of a thimble and the courage of the lion from Wizard of OZ pre meeting with OZ. You are all bark and no bite. You are so proud of dick sucking your way to the top of the jail guard food chain. You manage a old broken down building full of roaches rats rapists and aids infested tranvestites. You use your teeny bit of authority to make up for your teeny penis. Everyone laughs at you, especially Jamie Johnson. He always makes fun of you and how weak you are.

  4. Doug Coller permalink

    Hello gentleman, the SEIU represents the Metro School custodians and cafeteria workers. We are more than capable of representing Sheriff Deputies.

  5. Gilmer permalink

    Also, everyone who runs this site or comments is losers who got fired for the betterment of the agency. You guys bash Dan because he is brave enough to run you bad seeds out of town.

  6. John Bass permalink

    Gilmer Is a rotten piece of trash who sucks Weikals dick!

  7. Kyle Puppet McMaster permalink

    Just another one of the administrations puppets. Our fellow officers must remember all the lies-fraud-covering up- retaliation-is all driven from the very TOP down and it is all catching up with them.

  8. Randy Porter permalink

    I was told by an Administartor that when Gilmer left the sheriffs office years ago he was being looked into for racism towards blacks and females in supervisory poisitions, which I wittnessed first hand he would come to me and complain everyday about a black officer or a female that was a supervisor. So I took my concerns to the administrator and thats when he told me about Mr. Gilmer and asked me to keep an eye on him and document when he would come to me and complain. I was unable to get the documentation off my computer when I left.

    • Gilmer permalink

      Shut up Porter. You were begging for the Union’s help when you got into trouble. You were once a proud Union member until you made Lieutenant.

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