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Darrell Knight ASSAULTS coworker and keeps his job??

December 6, 2014


Allegations are coming from friends of the blog, that Darrell Knight choked coworker Jim Hickman in CJC booking. Surely if a man assaults a coworker, he will be terminated right? NO, Knight was allegedly demoted and moved to citations. What kind of agency is Daron Hall running!? I think we all know the answer… Daron Hall’s cronies can sexually harass coworkers and inmates, assault coworkers and inmates, get arrested, meanwhile front line officers will be CRUCIFIED for every little mistake they make.


PS, Darrell, the Dolphins suck! GO COWBOYS!


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  1. Casey White permalink

    I brought up issues with Daily when I was going through all that mess I went through. I asked why he was able to go get his haircut on comapny time or go take an hour breakfast at waffle house everyday. He legitimately sits on his computer and looks at car stuff all day. Mike looks on youtube all day too. Seems lassiter is the only one working. Also, Dailey, Mike and Norris, all hang out in mikes office for hours. Everyone else was expected to work.

  2. closerthanyouthink permalink

    when are you going to do a story on the so called maintenance supervisor at the dcso what a joke sits on his computer all day looking at cl and car sites. trying to find another woman to screw over! another example of how far you can go when you take care of mike rains. go from driving a truck to captain over maintenance.

    • Are you regerring to ‘Captain’ Daily? We have always wondered how in the hell can you be a CAPTAIN over maintenence! Please send us some information and we will be happy to post it 🙂 You can send it in a comment or send us your email 🙂

  3. Blue permalink

    Hey Administrators! Dont think Darren can’t be beaten. I know he just got re-elected. Truman in Rutherford Co lost 4 years ago after 25 years in office. Montgomery Co sheriff just lost this year after 20 years in office. It will happen!!
    Also. The evidence just piles up of a unfair and corrupt system. I see more lawsuits in the future for this department. Hey Hickman. You should get a lawyer….

  4. Soooooo... permalink

    Why did Pamela Rutledge get demoted? When she was a SGT she used to provide oral to several officers in the courthouse parking lot after work.

  5. What does rick gentry do? permalink

    Rick gentry rides around on a 4 wheeler decked out with blue lights and makes around 6 figures a year. WTF does he do? He orchestrated a really cool electronic disposal drive LOL, he rides his 4 wheelers around at parades, he volunteers at the donelson senior center because he knows they’ll vote for Daron. WTF is going on! There is so many useless positions and the officers are forced to manage too many inmates by themselves? Sergeants managing multiple floors? Darrell Knight allegedly choking a coworker with our being fired? Ricky Martin allegedly hitting on inmates and not being fired? Meanwhile a loyal deputy is forced to take 28 inmates into court alone and you fire him, knowing the Sergeant FUCKED UP? This is disgusting! Daron is lucky that he is the laughing stock of the LE community and nobody wants his job.

  6. kevinwilliams permalink

    If the citizens of nashville could only see what goes on inside this jail. Which is the purpose of this blog. This is our protest.

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