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Harry Jines courting DCSO cadets?

December 5, 2014


We have received multiples emails concerning DCSO trainer Harry Jines and his alleged affair/s with DCSO cadet named Serina. Jines is a veteran of the DCSO, having been a Lieutenant, headed mobile booking and is now a trainer at the DCSO ‘academy.’ Anyone with tenure with the DCSO has heard of Jine’s affairs with coworkers. Harry was once married to subordinate Brandy. Jines’ marriage with Brandy ended when he allegedly caught her with a fellow subordinate at a local hotel. It is said that Daron Hall himself, cheated on his first wife with Ginger, who was then his subordinate. There has been rumors of John Ford, John Taylor, Tony Wilkes, Dan Weikal, Kevin Cox and many more having affairs with subordinates. Everyone has knowledge of the multiple marriages of Karla West Crocker Weikal, which recently resulted in her allegedly cheating on Dan Weikal with Tom Davis. Rickey Martin allegedly looked towards inmates for his sexual desires. Daron Hall has created an environment in which his ‘administrators’ and cronies use the agency as their personal breeding grounds. To us, there is nothing more disgusting than Harry Jines, a veteran of the agency using a cadet for an alleged sexual affair. What does Ruby Joyner, training director think about this allegation? We would speculate she would give her normal answer .. ‘Favor ain’t fair.’ everyone with tenure knows that Heath Kane should be the training director. Heath is truly one of the few decent people and it is sad that he had been overlooked all these years.


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  1. Serina permalink

    If you want something to write about then let’s get the facts straight. Willing to talk freely.

  2. gladimgone permalink

    The sort team “sniper”….. why does a fucking correctional sort team need a “sniper”? What a bunch of fucking phonies

  3. Clarissa Cross permalink

    Heath Kane should have definitely been the next pick. He should really be the Director of Training

  4. theladiesman permalink

    The rumors about this guy have been circulating for years. Typical supervisor who uses his postion to get dates with subordinates. Most others would be fired but Daron’s guys keep chugging along.

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