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Man dies while in the custody of DCSO warrants?

November 13, 2014

This case is unfolding as we speak .. Allegedly two warrants officers arrive at a residence to evict the tenant. Allegedly the deputies placed the man in handcuffs and he then suffered a seizure. Upon waking from the seizure, it is alleged that he became aggressive and the deputies used force upon him, holding him down until a shot of some sort was administered.. And the man died. We wonder if warrants Chief John Taylor arrived on the scene, or was he busy in the company of another mistress?


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  1. Big Lou permalink

    John Tayler cheats on Jamie all the time. That’s why he got moved from admin to warrants. He is a true piece of shit. If you want to stay in good graces, just go to the races and blow smoke up johns ass. Tommy Bogle was on Darons bad side for bringing Leo Waters into roll call. Tommy spent a lot of hours at the ‘race track’ and ‘volunteering’ to get back in there.

  2. Barry Kidd's Huge Head permalink

    Arrogance and lack of training have devastating consequence.

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