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ANOTHER officer suing Daron Hall..

October 22, 2014

In February 2012, officer Nathaneal Shearon joined other officers in a major lawsuit vs. Daron Hall for unpaid wages among other things. Shearon was a model officer, having been promoted several times, having a bachelors degree in CJ, hand picked for the Sheriff’s special ops team. Everything changed once Shearon joined the lawsuit. In June, 2012 Shearon was forced by his Sergeant Chris Hampton to take 22 male inmates into 3C court at the same time , BY HIMSELF! Anyone who has worked in the courthouse, knows this is against standard operating procedure. The courtroom has unlocked exit doors, civilians and civilian staff. We have received testimony from DA Antoinette Welch, and court security Thomas Franklin, that Shearon was alone and normally there is several more officers. They also testified that Fred Lee became extremely belligerent and violent, attempting to leave the courtroom. Shearon was then forced to use force on Lee and get him out of the courtroom, while also getting the 21 other inmates out of the courtroom. SGT CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON failed to send the proper man power to run the courtroom smoothly. The incident was then reviewed, APPROVED as a good use of force and inmate Lee was found GUILTY of assaulting the officer in the courtroom. We were advised that days later, after the report reached upper management, that Shearon was then charged with a disciplinary. Captain Mark McClure and Corley Pearson conducted an investigation and suggested termination for Shearon. We would like to point out that it is alleged that McClure and Sgt. Hampton are CLOSE friends and he was not reprimanded at all for being short staffed. We would speculate that they wanted Shearon terminated, to protect Hampton. We at Firedaronhall have read several disgusting incident reports of acts upon inmates officers, where the officers were NOT terminated! Daron Hall has set the precedent in how he disciplines officers. We feel this termination is overkill and a direct result of Shearon joining the lawsuit. We have learned that in metro appeals, certain things are not allowed to be brought up, such as previous precedence set.. However in federal court, this is allowed.

Sgt. Christopher Hampton, Mark McClure and Corley Pearson should be ashamed of themselves for sending this man into a courtroom alone with 22 inmates, and not taking that into
Consideration! We are sure they will find a way to rationalize in their minds that what they did was right. However, we know this officer was loyal to them and would have done anything for them.

This former officer has been a huge supporter of this blog since day one. We wish you the best of luck 🙂




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  1. Jason permalink

    Big Nate will win in civil court. The metro civil device board won’t hear about past precedents set, or anything else. He has video of the courtroom and he is alone with 22 males and 6 females.chris Hampton is lazy and should have went and helped him.

  2. horseman permalink

    We need more officers like shearon who arent afraid of inmates and dont let them run things in a jail. If you pick a fight with a jailer why is it suprising you get your assed whooped. Btw shearon hit me up im trying to get some good supplements…..

    • Frank the Tank permalink

      I agree with this statement. We have had officers have sex with inmates, bring inmates drugs/cigarettes/food, it’s disgusting. 20 years ago AK Carroll held an inmate over an elevator shaft. I’ve heard old head officers brag about ‘elevator rides’ all the time. Now a days officers like Van Metre are getting their faces broke by Inmates, and the administration loves it. Cowards like John Ford, Dan Weikel and Tony Wilkes would let inmates run all over them. The Sheroff has created a shitty environment. I ran into Big Nate and he said he makes double the money driving a truck around Nashville, with no stress. It’s sickening that I’m still stuck in this bullshit making 33k a year!

  3. Cris Hanpton permalink

    I want to apologize to Nate for being a lazy bum and not helping him in court that day. I was eating lunch in the cafeteria and dripped pizza sauce on my shirt, therefore I had to clean it off. I figured he could handle all those inmates by his self. I know it’s against our SOP, but we always do things against SOP. Just like how the guys only work 30 hours a week and pay them for 40.

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