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Blake Cantrell of the DCSO

October 14, 2014


We would like to introduce you to Blake Cantrell of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Blake was an officer at CJC and recently was elevated to the political hornets nest known at ‘trucks.’ Blake allegedly earned his position in community services by constantly kissing the posterior of Dan Weikal, CJC administrator. Blake was allegedly pulled from his post on several occasions to assist Dan with ‘special projects.’ It is alleged that Blake, being the intelligent officer that he is, pulled out Laroy Cloyd and several other max inmates, providing them with electric tools to ‘clean’ Cjc. Anyone who has EVER wore a DCSO uniform, knows that Laroy Cloyd is the LAST person you should hand an electric tool too. It is rumored that Blake moved to Nashville after being terminated from his hometown department in McKenzie, TN. It is also rumored that Blake frequents bars and night clubs.. He should fit in well with Justin Norris in the community services division. Maybe Justin can take Blake to hang out at the Starlight Club? Congratulations to Mr. Blake Cantrell, you made it!

We just hope you were not the officer with inmates picking up trash on Franklin Limestone last week? We have received some interesting photos in which the inmates appear to be smoking more cigarettes than picking up trash? Stay tuned…



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  1. thebrownhornet permalink

    How do you get fired from one agency for getting in a fist fight with your fellow officers,while on duty in uniform then come to DCSO and get promoted to Corporal,suck up to the administrator and get a good job handed to you? Blake Cantrell did it. This guy was fired from a correctional officer job in West Tenn for getting into an all out brawl in the control room on duty. Thanks Dan Weikal for furthering this losers career.

  2. Big Sheila permalink

    Blake lived under Weikel’s desk. Why can’t we see Jamie Johnson on here more? I hear he lives at hooters on Harding place? What a loser

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