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Harry Jines and Robert Demoss DCSO supervisors and affairs with subordinates?

September 22, 2014



Harry Jines and Robert DeMoss are supervisors with the DCSO. DeMoss is a Lieutenant who has bounced around from building to building, and Jines is currently a trainer who has been a Lieutenant and headed mobile booking. We would speculate that nothing is more disgusting than an individual using his rank, to get into the pants of a subordinate.. However this appears to be the DCSO way. Daron Hall spearheaded the movement by allegedly having an affair with Ginger, then divorcing his wife and marrying Ginger. John Ford has been rumored to have had affairs with Joan Frangos and Sheila Morgan. Kevin Johnson has been rumored to have had several ‘private lessons’ with Sheila on the mats after hours. Dan Weikel has been alleged to hit on anything moving, Tony Wilkes alleged affair with Meshawn Cook, Karla Whateverhernameisnow has been involved in multiple inter-department relationships/marriages. Robert Demoss was alleged to have been involved in a steamy trist with former officer Christy Adams, climaxing (no pun intended) with his wife coming to the facility and the three did their best Jerry Springer episode impersonation. Harry Jines dated and married officer Brandy Jines, and it is alleged that it ended when Harry discovered Brandy in a hotel with a fellow officer. Keep it classy DCSO supervisors!!! You work for a government agency, you are paid with tax payer dollars! How is a supervisor supposed to fairly supervise, when he is having sex with a subordinate? How is an officer supposed to feel when he/she is approached for sex by a supervisor? How is a supervisor supposed to fairly supervise a former lover of the officer he/she is having sex with?



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  1. Joelle Jines permalink

    Oh how nice it is to Google your father and find this bullshit. Brandi is trash and did a lot of damage on my family. I thought you people were supposed to be the ones everyone looks up to? Yeah right! I thought I was gonna find things that were honorable, but it looks like I found a high school gossip site.

    • sweetie, we post rumors from within the agency. Harry is a highly paid public servant and the people have a right to know these rumors. Harry chose to play this political chess match, and he has been part of good officers losing their jobs.

      • Joelle Jines permalink

        Well I’m glad you are using our tax paying dollars so wisely. It’s nice to know that instead of finding honorable things about your department, I find a bunch of immature cops gossiping about who’s sleeping with who. What a spit in the face. Are you proud of your position and your career? You shouldn’t be.

      • Thank you for reading. Please tell your friends and post a link on your favebook.

      • Joelle Jines permalink

        I already did, I didn’t need your permission but thank you, and thank you for your noble service! Lol

  2. The white whale permalink

    As the moderator said, it’s not you, it’s the fact that once again a noob has been used by a someone who is supposed to be responsible. It’s not your fault and you should be fine as long as you realize there is no such thing as personal business at DCSO. The very people who “investigate” as well as all supervisors spread the bullshit around there. One time I left for two days and when I came back everyone I worked with were asking me about this investigation that was going on that I wasn’t even aware of. The “supervisor” apparently went around telling all of the people I consider to be my partners and friends that I was rolling on them and snitching on them….. on things that I didn’t even know about. A court officer who I didn’t really work with actually stopped me to tell me that my “supervisor” was going around being a peice of shit and talking shit telling my partners I was supposedly snitching on them. Even though he didn’t really know me he knew what was up because of how bad the bullshit flies around DCSO. I will have to say…. at least you were asked before someone up the ladder fucked you.

  3. Blue permalink

    Hey administrators.. This sheriff’s office is a modern day “good ole boy ” system. No better then the old days of Fate Thomas.

  4. Fuck off Serina permalink

    Serina, everyone in class knows you were blinking that loser Jines. I’m sure you’ll start banging whatever Lieutenant you work for too!

    • Serina permalink

      Professional words to use!!! Why don’t you act your age and not your shoe size. I’m sorry… Did I make you mad??? GOOD!!! Why don’t you stop being a coward and reveal yourself? I can say what I want since my name was brought up in this little childish game. If you have a problem it’s called HR Department, or a therapist? Be professional and Have a GREAT DAY!!! 😉

  5. Blue permalink

    A lot of documentation on this site . One day a real news organization will blow the lid off this corrupt sheriff’s office. Along with some good civil rights attorney’s. In the 90s hardly any officers suing. Totally different these days just ask mayhew…Jeanette etc….

  6. Dont leave out the weirdo Sgt. Solomon Holley Security division. He ‘alledgedly ”slept with the nurses, inmates,and ”alledgedly” with Bolden.

  7. Robert Gilmer permalink

    This site is disgusting and everyone is jealous of dan Weikal! I love this man do much that I call my son, dans minions minion. If anyone needs the SEIU, I’ll check with dan and see what he wants to do. I love dan Weikal and if you look at my Facebook, I also love the Nazi’s, Doug Collier and 32k a year.

  8. Garmon's old smoke-crotch permalink

    What email can I send a document to?

  9. Garmon's old smoke-crotch permalink


  10. Blue permalink

    I do want to add that there are some good people at sheriff’s office and i have
    Witnessed many officers set up and done wrong over the years so im speaking from experience. This sheriff’s office is not as great as
    a lot of supervisors/administrators try to claim .

  11. Blue permalink

    I started with sheriff’s department in 98 under Gayle Ray . Completely different
    Work environment. Great moral and a great job. Their was issues but overall a fun job .
    Today’s sheriff’s department is nothing but personal vendettas and abuse of power. These supervisors are so unprofessional and morale is horrible. Jamie Johnson and dan weinkel think they can do people wrong without any consequences. The dirty politics are right in everybody’s face but administrators could care less. Sheriff and Ford dont care about what takes place in their jails. Thats obvious. All the supervisors can say ” just sour grapes ” from former officers. Not true at all . I have my retirement and good memories. This is a forum for current and former officers to speak their mind’s. For a 33k job they sure are having hard time keeping officers these days. Hard to do when u fire so many people and set people up. Darrell knight u got 2 processors couple months ago . Good job

  12. Dover permalink

    John Ford is a huge COWARD!!!! He told my close friend that he was emigre for a promotion, then told the administrator that he was not. I guess John was not man enough to tell him to his face. This is what happens when a REMF who wore a pressed uniform, but never got it dirty is in charge. What’s funny is Ford puts on this big front, but he cheats on his wife abs his daughter is a wh*** LOL! I remember when Ford’s daughter was dating a loser and he got arrested for domestic. Ford came down to booking ready to confront the guy, but his cowardly heart once again took over and he never did. The kid probably would have beat his old sickly ass. Ford, a ‘strong’ handshake does not make you a man, a position, a uniform and medals don’t make you a man, only your actions make you a MAN! COWARD

  13. Garmon's old smoke-crotch permalink

    I’ve had several recent cadets tell me that Jines ‘allegedly’ uses his position to hit on multiple COs in training until he gets one to bite.

    • Joseph T. permalink

      Harry Jines said he hooked up with a cadet by the name of Serina. The sad part is she was married. He said it didn’t matter cause he was just using her for a quick f*$@. This is a real shame that a leader has no respect for others.

      • Serina permalink

        This is the person that you are talking about.! For one, mind your damn business! You need to stay out of people’s business and stop trying to make your job look STUPID including yourself!!! If you don’t like your job then find something else, I don’t think your an investigator so you need to tend to your own life and get that in line before you try to expose others personal business. If you want to know the truth, I believe you can find me? I’ll be waiting for your visit…!!! Its a shame, you ignorant people can’t even go by what you were taught… Accountability, diversity, integrity, and professionalism… but I guess you wear your uniforms for other reasons and with disgrace… You should be fired!!! Not the sheriff or anyone else… Im here and since you wanted to involve me, I’ll be expecting your visit in return…

      • Serina, we know you are new to the DCSO.. You have had your head filled with visions of greatness by Heath Kane, Harry Jines and Ruby Joyner.. Please understand that we have ALL BEEN THERE. Sadly, one day, you will realize that you are underpaid, under appreciated and THEY do not care about you or any of the cadets .. UNLESS you can do SOMETHING for them. We wish you luck and please remember, we told you so 🙂

      • Joseph T. permalink

        Serina no one did anything to you. You fell for Harry Jines ways. He put the bait out and you fell for it. He has been at this for a while. And it is everyone’s business when he is a leader for the dept. You just don’t know all the things he has said. Like the last post says, we told you so.

      • Joseph T. permalink

        Serina we are here to help the people who are being abused by power. You fell for let me ask you is it worth losing everything? If it is then you belong with them.

      • Serina permalink

        Hey Mr. Joseph T, I appreciate you looking out for others. I am not going to arguee with you on this site regarding all this. We both don’t know each other and that’s fine. I would really like to know what was said and what was being talked about? I mean, if it’s about me then I think I deserve to be a part of it and know what’s going on. At least let me have the chance to understand instead of what people think and what’s being said. I really would like to know what was said and what’s going on? I appreciate it. Have a great day and happy holidays…

  14. Brandi permalink

    Harry Jines has a tiny dick and is terrible in bed. That’s why I cheated on him so many times with some of his own friends. Sorry Harry, you are weird and creepy.

  15. Dick Rams permalink

    Jines tried to hem me up at cdc because I was banging this chic that he liked. Man he’s a bitcg

  16. talking about affairs. i want to tell mike rains thanks for everything! just to let you know i want make your son call me daddy!

  17. Tonya Chesser permalink

    Jines helped me keep my job after the 6!times I was arrested. Harry loves black sugar 😉

  18. Christy Adams permalink

    Why in the fuck did u put my name on here? Yes Robert Demoss fucked me in his office so what!

  19. Lou Crocker permalink

    This place is a sess pool of sex, jealousy, envy, hatred, and fraternization! Dan Weikel id so in love with every women he meets, that he will use his position to go after any man who he feels is a threat for the women’s affection. I guess dan didn’t get loved on enough as a child by his toothless coal mining momma.

  20. Whoresrus permalink

    How about the officers and some of these Cjc nurses.

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