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Captain Michael Gilbert = FAIL

July 28, 2014


Look up the word ‘failure’ in the dictionary, and you may see a photo of Captain Michael Gilbert. Gilbert was hired from Wakenhut, a private security guard company, straight to a DCSO Captain position. Gilbert has done such a horrible job in this position, that Daron Hall has created ANOTHER administrative position to babysit Gilbert. Internal Affairs rat, fake FBI agent, Williamson County Sheriff hopeful who got 20 votes Ak Kevin Carroll has been named the security division administrator. Congratulation Captain Gilbert, you are a failure!


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  1. Freedom permalink


    I used to like this site. The site used to provide some facts and some good rumours. But the site lost it’s credibility when the site developers involved themselves in politics and begin to use fake stories and parprganda.

    As we all know what failure means and there is no need for dictionary.

    Captain Gilbert didn’t fail nor he done a bad job. He did his best. He had so much responsibility and so much work on his shoulder. Metro security contracts made his work responsibility times 3. So Sherriff Hall had to add another position to assist Captain Gilbert.

    Thanks and stop ur nonsense parprganda.
    We came to this site to get some facts and some good rumours and Not fake and parprganda.


    • Thank you for your patronage and input! We do not post ‘facts.’ When a site posts material and states it as a ‘fact’ they are subject to libel laws. We only post rumors and satire. Now a majority of our content might be facts, it is up to the reader to research themselves to verify. We have heard from within the administration that allegedly Captain Gilbert was labeled as a failure. Gilbert has had nothing but drama since his arrival, and the fact that he was hired straight from wakenhut does not help his status with his co workers or subordinates.

    • alittlebirdy permalink

      Freedom came here because he/she is a nosey S.O.B. If you dont like our blog then go look at porn.

  2. alittlebirdy permalink


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