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Justin Norris golfing, while you work??

July 16, 2014



Justin Norris is one of the best examples of ‘Cronyism’ in Daron Hall’s history! Justin is the son of longtime Sheriff’s office employee’s Lynn and Richard Norris. Richard is a court officer for Gloria Dumas and is married to the Head Public Defender. Justin attended the DCSO academy in October 2005, having previously allegedly being fired from CCA, and Juvenile Detention. Justin said in the academy on numerous occasions, that the Sheriff has said to his parents that he will move up the ranks QUICKLY! Justin was right! Justin made Corporal in months, was moved to the ‘community services’ division within a year. Justin appeared to continue his wonton and reckless behavior, being arrested at the Starlite Club on Dickerson Pike for impersonating a police officer, and theft. Ironically all charges have disappeared from the clerk’s website. Justin was then caught STEALING on duty from a non profit organization, among other things. 99.9% of other officers would have been TERMINATED! What is Justin doing now? Oh he is just golfing with his mom, and bragging about it on Facebook. Meanwhile, officers are short staffed, underpaid, have not had raises and are harassed by administrators.



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  1. dan wickle permalink

    if that looser norris is there you can bet your ass dailey is close by! they both got where they are with the dcso by sucking mike raines off!!!!!!

  2. Jason Alvarez permalink

    What a loser. Norris is a douche nozzle! I wanted to beat his ass so bad. I heard his mom
    Is like a door knob, everyone has had a turn lol.

  3. Mike Rains permalink

    Justin also had a DUI in sumner county. I hope no one finds out, because we fired a few people for DUI’s. Timothy Shelton actually killed himself after his DUI. Oh well Lynn gives good brains. What time do we eat? Me Lassiter and skillet want a buffet to eat at.

    • Why would you bring up Shelton…That is low for anyone.

  4. Pat Curan permalink


    I am the administrator of the Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center. I terminated Justin Norris in 2004. An inmate named German Uribes was in out custody for attempted homicide. Uribes talked Norris into calling the victim and asking them not to come to court. The victim did come to court, and presented this revelation, along with phone records to judge Betty Adams Green. Norris was then terminated and banned from the property. A letter was placed at checkpoint with Norris’ photo stating that he was banned from the property. I hope this clears the air in regards to Norris’ employment with the DCJDC. Thank you.

  5. WayneGentry permalink

    Let it be known that this golf tournament is going on during normal daily activities. While officers are being manipulated by administration and sometimes assaulted by inmates, officers can hardly get a day off to spend with their families this guy is out playing golf with his mommy.

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