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*mature* catching up with Major Cox part II?

July 8, 2014



Kevin Cox had a decorated career with the DCSO. Kevin moved up the ranks with reckless abandon, as well as allegedly pulling over Rutherford County residents, getting several DUI’s, golfing and hanging with Daron and leaving a trail of screwed over officers in his wake. What is Daron Hall’s former favorite crony Kevin Cox up to these days?? We recently received SEVERAL messages from an individual claiming to be former Lieutenant Kevin Tevis. We were sent several pictures alleging to be Kevin Cox, included was links to a swingers web site profile which appears to be Kevin Cox ( poser_19) We can not validate if the pictures are of cox, or a different poor soul who has his tiny penis mangled in a wood chipper!? If you posses carnal knowledge of Cox, and would like to view the 7 photo spread, please feel free to message us!

The individual who claimed to be Tevis, has sent us a plethora of different pictures and information on several DCSO administrators and supervisors. Please stay tuned, and remember we only post RUMOR AND SATIRE!



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  1. Phillip Dover permalink

    I have never liked Cox since he tried to screw me over. Tony flat pulled a knife on me and Cox turned on me! He didn’t know that I was a little rat, so I flipped it on him and Tevis hehehe!! Cox has a teeny weeny itty bitty weiner!!!

  2. CalvinCandy permalink

    Post some more stuff about JJ. Mr. Domestic Violence, aka “Stephen my boy!!”

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