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Is Sgt. Chris Hampton the laziest supervisor in DCSO history?

July 2, 2014



Sgt. Chris Hampton supervises the officers and inmates of the AA Birch courthouse. We have received numerous complaints on Sgt. Hampton and his management style,, or should we say lack of A management style! Chris Hampton is personal friends with Captain Mark McClure and his appointment to the courthouse was allegedly a favor from McClure. Under Hampton’s watch, Cpl. Lew Walser FORGOT a female inmate in the holding area over night, resulting in a huge lawsuit against the DCSO! Ironically, weeks later a second inmate was forgot inside the holding cell by Walser, however this incident was allegedly swept under the rug by Hampton. This incident alone, will cost the DCSO tens of thousands if dollars! For years, under Hampton’s watch, deputies were allowed to work less than 40 hours per week, and were still paid for a full work week. This is blatant theft of tax payer dollars! Only recently has Hampton forced officers to come in an hour early, for fear of ending up on this blog. Hampton has allowed SEVERAL deputies to sleep on duty, we viewed text messages in which Hampton was sent a picture of sleeping inmates, and responded with a very managerial ‘LMAO!’ What is funny about officers sleeping on duty? In fact, an officer being allowed to sleep on duty is DISGUSTING! There have been allegations of unsafe work environments created by Hampton, including forcing officers to manage multiple inmates in court alone, and transport multiple SMU offenders, ALONE! Hampton is said to walk at a snails pace, unless he is in route to the lunchroom! Sgt. Hampton is said to park illegally at the metro fire hall, so he does not have to walk to half mile, that the rest of his deputies are forced to walk. How can you expect respect from your subordinates, if your not willing to park in the same spot that they do? We received a email from a female CJC deputy who was enraged at Hampton’s use of the fire hall to park. She was however, more enraged at Hampton allegedly confronting her and forcing her to use a different parking spot! We have received a PLETHORA of text messages, videos and pictures concerning Hampton, please stay tuned in the future 😉



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  1. Kevin Tevis permalink

    Chris Hampton is a fat ass pussy just like mark Mclure! They are both lazy mf’s and were even worse as corporals and officers!!! Corley Pearson cheats on his wife repeatedly, so does Mcclure and hampton. I’m going to message their wives about all they’ve done! I’m drink and right now I do t give a fuck!!! Standby 10-4 over and out.

  2. CJC3rdshift permalink


    I just started with the DCSO recently. I cannot believe how terrible this agency is. Lt. Ross is really awesome, and a few Sergeants, but the administrators are real assholes! They treat us like we are the inmates. The inmates and gangs run this place. Most of the officers and Sergeants are yes men and do will stab us in the back to please the administrators. The worst thing is how much money I DONT MAKE! I bring home 800 every two weeks. This like 10 an hour lol!! I’m
    Finding a new job and the idiots can have this place.

  3. itstoomuchfun permalink

    My last day at dcso was april 2013. Every once in a while I’ll check this blog to see whats new. Im glad I left, now I got a company van and phone. Weekends off and the best part… NO CRONYISM!!!! I work for a small hvacr company where advancement is based on hard work, Not how much you volunteer. Btw, for those who work in cjc check behind one of the clipboards that they use where you chit out. Theirs a nice little cartoon that was left (if its still there)by “someone”. Peace out m effers. I gotta a weekend to enjoy!

  4. Elvis Bayliss permalink

    You can find me stuffed into a yellow lance Armstrong suit riding a 10 speed with a dildo on the seat!

  5. Cobra commander permalink


  6. Big Lew permalink

    I don’t know why everyone is giving me shit! Vince Faggins takes more pain pills than most of the inmates! Does everyone remember when Tevis and Cox ran ARMEDservidss? Where are they now? Hampton and McClure are next! You backstabbing your guys and they will back stab you!

  7. harr~jines permalink

    Hello I am Harry Jines I love women but they always cheat on me Brandi is my true love

    • Scott permalink

      I see you like women even married ones. That’s why they cheat. You are a fake and everyone will see it soon.

  8. Tommy Steel permalink

    LMFAO google Chris Hampton DCSO and the blog is all that pops up! Congrats Hampton, your famous!

  9. George Powell permalink

    Hampton is really a nice guy at heart. What sad is that, to protect his 45k a year job, he will lie and throw his friends under the bus! This mother fucker recently went into court with a friend of mine and said that’s it’s NORMAL only one officer to escort 25 inmates into court alone. What a lying piece of fat shit! That is going to come back to bite him in the ass! This guy allows certain officers to abuse pain medication while on duty, sleeping and slobbering, while the officers who do all the work get thrown under the bus. I can’t wait to
    See what else is coming out on this fat fuck!

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