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Sexy Deputy

June 18, 2014



Ladies and gentlemen meet Solomon Holley of the DCSO’s security division. It is not hard to find Sgt. Holley.. He is usually two feet behind Wakenhut security guard turned Captain Gilbert. Holley is alleged to drive around south Nashville/Harding place area in his custom fake police car with blue lights. Holley is alleged to have pulled citizens over on a regular basis, not sure if he has a fake ticket book or not. Holley is alleged to have profiles on several sexual based web sites, even posing in his uniform in some of the pictures. If all else fails, check the order of protection or domestic violence docket at the courthouse. A court officer who is friends with the blog has alleged that Holley frequents these dockets with various girlfriends. The troubling part, is that Captain Gilbert is alleged to accompany Sgt Holley in court, even talking to the victims and attempting to throw his weight around in court. Captain Gilbert should seek guidance from Daron Hall, who once assisted Robert Lillard in domestic court, only to have him threaten a police officer a few weeks later over a female. Ladies, please don’t be smitten with the photos of Holley, he may look sexy in photos… However he is 5’8 and alleged to use steroids!


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  1. Well Im back and yes is is a creep and a fake. On all of his social media sites that he is on. FB and Google plus, he lists his occupation as Law Enforcement. He also lies saying that he is a police officer. When did the DCSO start being able to arrest folks?
    Also, I heard that he allegedly chased some guy out a store for stealing beer and tackled him and pulled his weapon and called Metro and once metro arrived he showed his DCSO badge and they told him he would have to take the guy down and take out the warrant. When did DCSO officers start having arrest powers?
    This dude is a dirt-bag and should be employed with the Sheriff’s office! I also heard that he was arrested once for beating up his 2nd wife but that he swindled his way out of that somehow.
    More to come later….lol @ the Marshmellow Man

  2. Terrence Bucky buff pillow permalink

    This douche bag Holley thinks he is a real
    Cop!!! He makes 27k a year and writes fake parking tickets!!!! Holley pulls people over in his personal vehicle and he is a creep!

  3. Ok, as I promised I’m back with more info. It seems that Sgt. Holley thinks he is the gift to all women. His Ex said that the 1st OOP was because he got caught trying to talk to another female on Facebook. She said he started recording her when she got mad and said she was nude in the video because her uniform was in the dryer. She stated that he passed that video around to several people in the DCSO. Including Capt. Gilbert. She also stated that Holley said that Gilbert passed it on to Sgt. Cooks who passed it around at ASD. She states that Holley was suppose to be so mad, that he said he was going to whoop Cooks A$$ but that he never confronted Cooks.
    Now with the 2nd OOP and Assault charge this year, she stated that he got caught lying about his infidelity again and he told her to leave and she did, but realized she left her phone in his house. She went back to retrieve it and he called the police. (After he gave her the phone) She said he stood behind the door like the punk he is and kept slamming the door. She stated that he was mad because she told people that he couldnt “get it up” without taking lavitra or one of those pills and a “pump”. Sorry this part was funny!!!
    That following Monday she states that the police knocked on her door and took her to jail. She said that on the warrant he stated they had been to the range earlier and she had a weapon but she never branished it. So he LIED!!!
    This dude has serious issues and should not be allowed to carry a weapon for the DCSO. She stated that he is hyped up on steroids that he takes. I got more later….but I gotta call her back. Stay Tuned for the “As the Marshmellow man” turns

  4. Holley is a piece of shit!!! I know the female that he took the order of protections out on. Yes that is plural. In July 2013 he took out one and then just this May 2014 he took out another one and also an assault fear of bodily harm on the same female. Why would a 5’11 250lb man take out a fear of bodily harm warrant on a female? If he is THAT scared of people, then why is he even in the security division? He just “look” HARD on the outside, but really he is just SOFT on the inside (Marahmellow man)…..he will threaten women and use the law to fight his battles but wont bust a grape with anyone else. He talked all that sh*t about fighting different Sgts and others at ASD, but he never did anything. I’ll be back with more later. I’m going to call his Ex girlfriend and get more information.

  5. Phillip Diver permalink

    Is he getting oral from a tranny in the too pic?

  6. Richard Ramsey permalink

    OMG look at that 5 head! Holly is a piece of shit! He got investigated for fucking female inmates at the female jail! Holly used to always brag about getting testosterone from his doctor and that he would take more at home since his doctor had a script for him. The funniest was thing ever was once holly was at the gun range and took a bunch of pics of the SORT team training and posted them like he Was on the team LMAO! Loser

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