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What is going on in DCSO jails?

June 6, 2014




In the above pictures, DCSO inmates appear to be having a lovely time, taking pictures of themselves and posting on Facebook. Warden Hall has created an environment, In which the inmates have an enjoyable stay, meanwhile the officers can not get a raise and are harassed by administrators! Maybe if Tony ‘tom tom’ ‘uncle tom’ ‘Steven from Django’ Wilkes wasn’t busy having affairs with coworkers (Meshawn) he would hold his administrators accountable!



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  1. thebrownhornet permalink

    Sad Sad…filming another video. These are not inmates but a singer/rapper/actor or something. This is at the old workhouse cellblock. Still its crazy.

  2. Sarge permalink

    It’s evident these guys are rock men, but my question is, who’s the female? Who took the photos? Who posted these? What facility/cell were they in? And what was the CIVILIAN female doing in the cell with them, posing for the boys?

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